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    Again, I love your list!


    I especially love Laurence, Gerard, Victor, & Leander with Antoine. Also like Laurent in place of Laurence, as well as Clement.


    Esmond is my favourite here. Ignatius is great too, it matches well with Raphael.
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    For a byzantine baby Blade...

    Sly (nn for Sylvester or ?)

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    Congrats once again! I love nearly all of your first names! My favourites from the list are: Blaise, Cassian, Cyprian, Edmund, Gerard, Leander, Marius, and Victor. I love the middles Esmond and Sylvan.

    Some saint names (not sure if they are all included in the Orthodox canon): Alberic, Alexis (I know this is used for girls, but I still think it hasn't gone "all girl", or I hope not), Cyrus, Gabriel

    Some French names: Ghislain (also a saint, and a guilty pleasure since he's from my dad's home province), Leopolde, Ludovic, Odilon
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    So many wonderful comments, I can't thank you all enough.

    I have a very slight dilemma regarding Lionel & Malcolm. I'm sure I'm overthinking it, but in the US nowadays Antoine is almost exclusively given in the African-American community. Lionel & Malcolm are too (the latter esp. as homage to Malcolm X). I wonder if people would think I'm trying to make some kind of weird point if I picked two "black" names for a non-black baby? Some kind of white guilt thing?

    @ottilie: thank you so much. Cyprian & Leander are among my tippy-top faves and I'm glad you like the ornate Byzantine names.

    @redwood: thank you for the great suggestions. I liked Arkadios and Casimir (and many others, who are out due to family/friends).

    @dindlee-- Elias Rainier is beautiful. It seems like every third boy I know is named Elias (it's ultra-popular among Arab Christians) these days but I really like it.

    @kitty-- boo on the girls. Laurent I think skews too feminine in the States, and I just don't like clunky midcentury Lawrence. I like Roland and have friends with a new baby Cyril, but I don't think the others will transport as well.

    @mischa-- thanks for so many ideas! I love Aristide but it's too tied with the nefarious ex-Haitian president. Casimir is great, as is Balthasar (but the hubs would never go for either). I do love Raoul, Xavier, Leopold, and Aurelian. Thanks for the Arabic names too; some are used exclusively by Muslims, and we have an Ibrahim in the family, and Jibril might be too much next to Raphael?

    @mariemama: if I were having a spring/Easter baby, I would absolutely consider Pascal. It's a lovely name.

    @roseymaam: I love Lionel & Malcolm but I am a little worried about racial overtones. Also holding me back on Lionel is that I have a good friend called Lionel and I don't want people to think I named my son after him-- we're not *that* close. I loved both combinations, especially Lionel Ignatius-- it's so well-balanced.

    @geeknamesyo: Every single combination you suggested was great! I love Cyprian Esmond, Julian Ignatius, and Lucian Rainier.

    @javad: thank you for the name-by-name breakdown! The reason Ambrose is under such high consideration is that that baby's due date, 12/7, is the feast day of St Ambrose. I could never sell the husband on Emrys, alas, so I am living vicariously through you. I agree with your thoughts on what pairs best with Antoine. I do love Altair (it's one of my favorite Arabic names) and would definitely consider it for a middle. Husband has an ex named Emmanuelle so as gorgeous as it is, Emmanuel is off the table. I do like Armand but think it's a bit close to Antoine.

    @tintri-- thanks, I love Edmund too!

    @wolv: you are entirely correct about the multitude of young Basils, and the importance of the historical Basil. I just can't get over the herbal connotation.

    @labmama-- I find out in another 6 weeks. I think Peregrine should probably be x'd. I love all three of your combinations, esp Victor Sylvan and Ambrose Ignatius. We have a Dimitri our life who is quite special to us, and probably won't use the name because of that. Dante I think has the same possible racial problems as above, plus I have a female friend called Dante (hippie parents).

    @RGE thanks for such an exhaustive list! I love Alban but think it's too close to Antoine, and perhaps too English. Same with Anselm (minus being over-English). Clement is such a lovely name but I'm not sure it's quite as strong as I would want. I love the Germanic names but am not sure they would work for our family.

    @triss-- I love Cyprian; it's probably my favorite. I would be ignoring one of my own rules though, in that the sounds between the first name and surname would blur, but I did that with Antoine and it's been OK.

    @sarah-- thank you! I'm glad you liked so many.

    @ottilie (again!)- I love Austell, and Selevan is so interesting. It sounds a bit like 'celibate' to me though.

    @southern_maple: I liked your connecting Ignatius to Raphael like that. I hadn't thought of it and now can't get it out of my mind. The original Ignatius was a guy called Ignatius of Antioch (Ignatius Loyola was named after him) so the name has a long history for Arab Christians, even if it isn't commonly given. I like it, and it reminds me of Confederacy of Dunces.

    @emma: thank you so much for the breakdown. I like Blaise a lot, and have to agree on Cadfael. He was a real person, just very minor, and it's mainly a literary name. Probably should X it. Sergius is probably too Greek for us, and Sergio is too bodice-ripper as you noted. I agree with your final list and liked Alphonse, but think it's too matchy-matchy with Antoine.

    @corvus: I loved Evander Sylvan, Gerard/Julian Esmond, Lionel Rainier, and Victor Ignatius is great!

    @caroline: I love Blaise, too, and agree that Edmund and Peregrine probably don't match well.

    @emms (again!): Ambrose Bede, Ambrose Auxentius, Blaise Ignatius, Cassian Rainier/Theodosius/Laurence; Cyprian Laurence/Rainier/Esmond; Julian Blaise/Stavros; Laurence Athanasius/Nazaire; Lionel Ignatius/Rainier/Auxentius/Esmond [Cloud will not pass the husband, no matter how many times I cite the wikipedia article on St Cloud]; Malcolm Bede/Auxentius/Benoit [Columba & Malcolm were the same person]; Stavros Rainier/Xavier; Victor Ignatius/Esmond/Theodosius-- all lovely!

    @lexiem: thanks for the breakdown, it's so helpful. Ambrose & Antoine are probably too close, but the baby's due date is Ambrose's feast day. I do like Victor more than Vincent, even though they're very similar. Some of those middles are quite ornate, you're right, so the first would be simple to compensate. I agree, I'll probably eliminate Sergius, Stavros, Malcolm and Peregrine right now.

    @amy: thank you! I like Leander & Lionel when paired with Antoine, too, and Marius is so wonderful. I think Cadfael should be eliminated, too. I think Laurent looks more feminine in the US (just one letter off from Lauren, and very unfamiliar, whereas in anglophone contexts Laurence is exclusively male).

    @crunchymama: I think we would use Philip rather than Philippe, and I like Sebastian (though it skews very Catholic here) and Pascal, if this were a springtime baby. I love Evander Ignatius, Edmund Ignatius, Gerard Auxentius, Lionel Ignatius & Marius Rainier, thank you!

    @ruolan: I think Esmond would be middle slot only, due to its likelihood of being misheard. And I do love Theophane!

    @joyfulmom: thank you! Ambrose is a great name. A handlebar mustache kind of name.

    @goodhope: I really like Leander when paired with Antoine. I only have a slight hesitation with the repeated "an" sound.

    @gwensmom: thank you. Malcolm Ignatius is a very, very handsome combination, and it's so well-balanced phonetically.

    @lori: thank you. Each combination you suggested was lovely: those -an + -us combinations are great. I love Ignatius in the middle slot in particular.

    @hanniekitt: thank you; I really like Laurence Rainier and Edmund Sylvan both! (though the latter is a 2-2 syllable count so probably won't work for us).

    @bonnielyn: thank you. I do love Rainier for multiple reasons; I hope it will work.

    @moonkai: All three combinations are great, thank you! I love Leander Athanasius & Theodosius, though worry they might be a bit long. Marius Rainier is great but might be too Scandi/German for us when put together; not sure.

    @babyninja: thank you, all three sound great paired with Antoine.

    @teagardens: I agree with you re: Ignatius pairing well with Raphael. I worry about Laurent and Clement being a little too soft or androgynous.

    @triss: thanks much, Sylvester fits the bill but always strikes me as a bit sinister.

    @maggie: thanks! I love Cyrus but it's very Persian to me, and Gabriel might be a bit much with Raphael, I fear. Your French names are lovely but I do fear they won't transport well.
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    Whosa, that's a reply. It does take time doesn't it? I remember trying to getting back to everyone, all the copying and cutting and pasting... Good job. I am really liking Cyprian more and more for you the more I think about it, it's magnificent next to Antoine. Do you have a gut feeling about gender yet?
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