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    Congratulations Blade, I am so thrilled for you and excited to follow your name journey. I must admit I was utterly lost when I was looking through your girls thread, but boys names are much more my thing and this list is Fantastic! I think so many of these sound great with Antoine, it's hard to choose a favorite but I narrowed it down to three. I'll also list the ones I like least in hopes of helping you realize your true opinions on them. =]

    *Edmund- Strong and handsome, it goes great with Antoine and also most of the mn choices. I love that it starts with a vowel but not another A.
    Elias- Softer sounds and not quite as nice as Edmund in my personal opinion, but still really a great choice with big brother's name.
    Gerard- I was really drawn to this when I read your list. I'm not sure it is perfect stylistically but it makes me happy to think about in this scenario.
    Julian- I almost don't mind the N ending here because this is such a lovely name (but Julius would work really well too if you also liked that one).
    *Leander- I sixth or seventh or eighth what others have already said, haha. I adore everything about this name and think it's perfect for you.
    Lionel- Something about these L names really stands out and sounds great to me. I love that it shares the same vowels as Antoine (minus that first A).
    Malcolm- Not really here nor there for me personally, but I do think it hits the mark for a name from the right category and fits well with the mn's.
    *Marius- This is my absolute favorite paired with Antoine. Pure magic. They sound so spectacular together it give me goosebumps to think of this sibset.
    Victor- Could potentially seem like a bit much to live up to, but I like the sound of those V names. I prefer Vincent but I think you've said that you don't?

    (Not my favorites)
    Ambrose- I am not a big fan of another name starting with A, and aside from that I think you have many much better options on your list.
    Blaise- This just does not do it for me. I don't think it works all that well and I also would anticipate spelling/pronunciation mistakes.
    Cadfael- Sort of nice, but I think you used the better -ael name for Antoine's middle and do you really want them to match that much?
    Cassian- I also don't really care for names ending with N because that seems a little too close to big brother's name.
    Cyprian- If I had to choose a name ending with N this would be the one. It's lovely, I'm just not sure it's for you.
    Evander- This is a really lovely name, but with Antoine I much much prefer the sound of Leander so unfortunately this guy gets cut.
    Laurence- I do like this name, but I think I prefer the earlier suggestion of Laurent a bit better. Your feelings on that one?
    Lucian- Same ending letter issue here. Lucius would work better, although I don't particularly care for going with that version either.
    Peregrine- This name could either be kind of cute because it shares the ending -ine with Antoine or way too cute to use because of that...
    Sergius- I think this clashes just a bit too much in the first spot but I do really like it as a middle name if you'd consider moving it.
    Stavros- I can't really picture this cohesively as a little brother's name, sorry. It's just not my style and I think there are plenty great ones above.
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    Congrats Blade- December babies are great! (we have 4!)

    The first names that come to mind for a brother to Antoine are: Phillipe, Sebastian (Bastian), Cedric, Pascal

    I will think on this and let you know if I have any to add. For now, I will just comment/pair up a few of the names you listed.

    My fav first names for you:
    Victor -- actually not a fav for you, but I left it in because he never seems to get much attention and I love this name!

    Firsts/Middles I'd love to see together:
    Blaise Rainier
    Edmund Ignatius
    Evander Ignatius
    Gerard Auxentius (or really any- I like Gerard for you)
    Lionel Ignatius (I love lionel with many for you too)
    Malcom Theodosius
    Marius Rainier
    Sergius Esmond
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    I seriously swooned when I saw this list. I can't wait until July(?) when you find out if it's a boy or girl!

    I adore Edmund, but think Antoine and Esmond would be fantastic brother names.

    My other favorites are Leander, Ignatius and Rainier. Theodosius is great, but if you might have more, please save Theophane for a little girl.

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    I just wanted to chime in and say Congratulations, blade!!!!! So excited for you!!! Of your boy list, my favorite is Ambrose! I love that name!!!
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    I hate to not shout out for Malcolm and Lionel, but Leander seems darn-near perfect for you. "Antoine and Leander"? It's fab; I love it.
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