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    I love, love Lionel or Malcolm with Antione. Lionel Ignatius or Malcolm Rainier Do you like Louis? I think Louis (prn. Louie not Lewis) Auxentius is a stunner.

    Edit: Just saw someone suggested Pascal- moved and seconded!
    Under construction...

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    I said the same thing on your girls' thread, but this is an awesome list. My first thought when I read it was Malcolm Ignatius.

    More combos:
    Cyprian Esmond
    Julian Rainier
    Julian Ignatius
    Leander Sylvan
    Leander Esmond
    Lucian Rainier
    Lucian Marius
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    Congratulations Blade! Your list is great.

    My favorites from your list are (and all of them would go well with Antoine, though some better than others):
    Ambrose- I like this name a lot (though I prefer Emrys). You would be having the two 'A' name kids, but if that's not a big deal for you, then this would be a solid choice. Doesn't go quite as well with Antoine as some others, but would work. I personally prefer it as a MN though.
    Cassian- I think this would be a great choice, and works really well with Antoine.
    Cyprian- Same for this one.
    Edmund- Doesn't have quite the same flair as Antoine, but it would still be a great choice.
    Elias- Pairs up with Antoine a bit better than Edmund, but not as well as Cassian or Cyprian.
    Evander- As you well know, I really really like this name, so I'm pretty biased about it. It's one of those names that I feel could fit with most sibsets. I feel it goes great with Antoine, though Leander would perhaps work even better.
    Julian- A great name, though perhaps it doesn't work quite as well with Antoine as some of the others.
    Leander- This one works exceptionally well with Antoine. There is something about Antoine and Leander that makes me think they are brothers. Leander is a little softer than Evander, which might make it match up with Antoine even better. It's a great name.
    Lionel- This one would also work very very well. Both Antoine and Lionel have some sort of (I don't know if I can quite explain it) like 'holding back' on a vowel sound, that makes them work really well together.
    Lucian- Another great name. Would work very well.
    Malcolm- I like this name a lot, though perhaps it doesn't match up with Antoine quite as well as some of the others.

    My stand-alone favorites (though all of them are great), not considering how well they match up with Antoine, would be:
    Evander, Julian, Lionel and Lucian

    But thinking about them paired up with Antoine, my favorites for you would be:
    Cassian, Cyprian, Leander and Lionel

    And my favorite of your middles would be:
    Gratian (could be a good FN too)
    Rainier (could be a good FN too)
    Sylvan (could be a good FN too)

    Some other possibilities (I don't know if these would meet all your criteria or not):
    Altair (as FN or MN)

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    Congrats! I like Edmund Rainier. Love Edmund!
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    Friends of mine have a young son named Basil. Fits your bill perfectly (his Dad is also of lebanese ancestry). There are few Orthodox saints more revered than Basil.

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