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    I'm totally going to bump this over a week late, and I hope you see it, Blade! I was so appreciative of your help naming Inés, and happened to see you are pregnant when looking at Ottilie's recent thread, so I had to pop over to see what you are considering. (Congrats, by the way!)

    I just LOVE Constance with Antoine. So my suggestions are:

    Constance Myriam and Antoine Raphael
    Constance Helene and Antoine Raphael
    Constance Endellion and Antoine Raphael
    Constance Ambrosine and Antoine Raphael

    I can't decide if I like Myriam or Helene best for the middle, so for me it's a tie between the first two in my list.
    Lucía, Sebastián, & Inés
    Next: Eloísa Pilar or Félix Ignacio

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