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    Thoughts (my favourites are in bold):

    Aquila- I have a friend named Aqila pronounced ack-il-ah, which often gets mispronounced uh-keel-ah, so Aquila doesn't quite sit right with me
    Everild- I like the image I get of this name- spring and forests and clear ponds- but it feels a bit masculine
    Anastasia- stunning, dramatic, feels exotic but familiar at the same time
    Aristea- lovely, sounds very ancient and historical
    Constance- not a fan of most virtue names, sorry
    Cosima: pretty and feminine, upper-class-British vibe, very wearable and I can picture this on all kinds of girls from a tomboy to a girly-girl
    Endellion- I love the reference to the town (never been there but it looks so pretty in pictures) and the King Arthur legends. The name is nice but seems a bit masculine
    Evanthe- smooth, silky sound, pretty and girly, and easy to wear
    Kyrielle- you may run into pronunciation issues, but I really like this. I love names that are both historical and international
    Melisande: gorgeous, elegant and regal. it sounds like the name of a medieval queen to me
    Meriel- magical, fantasylike and whimsical but grounded and totally usable
    Myriam- I'm much more familiar with Miriam so this seems off, sorry
    Nerissa- has a mythical, mysterious quality that really appeals to me. The Merchant of Venice is my favourite Shakespeare play and Nerissa is a great character.
    Rosamond- sweet, girly, and friendly. as a horse lover I love the "ros" names and their horse-related meanings

    Sunniva- nice choice to honour Arabic heritage, totally works in North America
    Sylvia- never liked this, sorry, and I think there are much more interesting choices on your list

    Hope I wasn't too harsh... I'm not too good at suggesting combos but I'll try, sorry if I repeat:

    Aquila Myrrine
    Anastasia Solenne
    Anastasia Meriel
    Aristea Chrysanthe
    Cosima Helene
    Cosima Endellion
    Endellion Sunniva
    Kyrielle Noor
    Melisande Noor
    Melisande Alair
    Meriel Cosima
    Meriel Sylvaine
    Nerissa Helene
    Nerissa Maris
    Rosamond Cassiane (really loving this!)
    Rosamond Evanthe

    and love suggestions of Cosima Noor, Cosima Melisande, Cosima Apolline, Nerissa Sylvaine, and Rosamond Chrysanthe (I was going to suggest this but someone beat me to it) Your little Bladette will be one well-named person!
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    Congratulations, blade! I guess I missed all the news
    Your list is fantastic, I love almost every name on it. My favorites are:
    Aquila - have you considered Aquilina? I guess I like it even more.
    Cosima - it's growing on me and know I see it as a very pretty and sophisticated name.
    Rosamond - lovely, much prefer Rosamond over Rose.
    Constance - I guess I am biased here because it is my relative's name but I just love Constance. It's full of vintage charm but not too dated and has some nice nicknames.
    Endellion - oh, I am really glad somebody considers Endellion, it's such a beautiful name. Personally, I would use Endelienta to make it less "David Cameron" but I assume you like Endellion the way it is.
    Melisande - not a huge fan of this but together with your son's name it sounds perfect.
    I would avoid Anastasia and Kyrielle because they are much less interesting than other names on your list plus Anastasia is too close to Antoine and Kyrielle may be mispronounced.
    Combo ideas:
    Melisande Noor
    Aquila Noor
    Cosima Claire
    Cosima Justine
    Rosamond Claire
    Rosamond Myrrine
    Constance Noor
    Constance Ambrosine
    Endellion Noor
    Endellion Alair

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    Okay, I'm a bit late to this thread, but here's my two cents...

    Of the names on your lists, I like:

    Averill (this is actually my clear favourite)
    Sylvia (prefer Silvia spelling)

    Eirene (but I do prefer Irene)

    My top pick for you, however, would be either Clélie or Clelia. It fits the French bill (especially if spelled Clélie), dates back to antiquity (in the Cloelia form), and works really well with Antoine. I think it would work spelled Clelie (or Clely, another variant that's sometimes used).

    Some of my favourite unusual saints' names: Leocadia, Alodia, Eulalia, Julitta, Odilia

    Some other (mostly ancient Greco-Roman) names that you might consider: Xanthe, Sybil, Calanthe, Zinovia, Iris, Rhea, Acacia, Zoraida, Aleida, Tullia, Amalthea, Celandine, Serilda, Ludema
    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    Wow, no more posting in a rush for me. I can't believe I confused a Spanish and a French name. Thanks Berries, for not flaming me over my ignominious gaffe.

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    Just wanted to thank everyone again for their comments (including yours, @saracita ). @bonfireazalea, thank you for going through each name in such a detailed fashion and delving into imagery. It's great to see how others perceive a particular name.
    Blade, MD

    XY: Antoine Raphael; Julian Victor
    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

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