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    As on the boy's list * for names with combos.

    Aquila - Awesome name but I don't love it with Antoine.
    Averill / Everild - I feel like you'd get a lot of people mispronouncing these names.
    Anastasia - I just don't love this as much as others do. I find this rather frilly and sugary.
    *Aristea - I adore this name. Aristea Eirene, Aristea Theophane.
    Constance - Beautiful but I don't find it extremely exciting.
    Cosima - Fun, beautiful and a great match with Antoine.
    *Cyrielle (prn. with hard K) - Absolutely stunning. Cyrielle Apolline, Cyrielle Myrrine.
    *Endellion - This is amazing esp with Antoine as a brother. Swoon. Endellion Solenne, Endellion Alair.
    Evanthe - I like Evander better.
    Lucienne - I like Lucian better.
    Melisande - I will never get over the creepy Game of Thrones connection (Melisandre), so I don't think I'll ever really love it.
    Meriel - torn on this. Can't decide if I love it or hate it.
    * Myriam - I prefer the Miriam spelling (though I totally understand why you'd choose this). Absolutely beautiful, on my extended list. Myriam Kassia, Myriam Ambrosine.
    * Nerissa - Spunky and cool. Even though I wouldn't have expected this to work with Antoine the fact that it's so quirkily different makes it really work. Nerissa Sylvaine, Nerissa Noor.
    * Rosamond - Beautiful. You and Otter you'd have similarly named daughters. hihihihi. I love it. Rosamond Junia, Rosamond Maris.
    Sunniva - Don't love it, don't hate it. I think you have so much better on your list.
    Sylvia - Very classy. I love this name but it's not one of my favorites on your list because I think Antoine and Sylvia will make people think you're odd versus some of the other names on your list in connection with Antoine say "name lover". Not that that should be an deciding factor but it makes me want to endorse this less.

    Middles only
    Ambrosine - This feels girly and frilly to me.
    Alair - Short and fun.
    Apolline - One of my favorites of your mn list.
    Cassiane - I really loved Cassian on your boy list.
    Chrysanthe - nms. I like your other choices better.
    Eirene - I love this choice.
    Floriane - I like Florence better, Floriane makes me feel like you wanted to make Florian feminine.
    Maris / Marina - Stellar mn options.
    Myrrine - Georgeous.
    Noor - love, love, love.
    Solenne - Soft, feminine and beautiful.
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    I am dreadful with girls names so I hesitate to commit too much to helping with these but my favorites in no order at all would be:

    Firsts: Constance, *Cosima, Lucienne, Meriel, Rosamond, Sylvia... Middles: Alair, Apolline, Eirene, Maris, *Noor, and Theophane. =]
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    Great list!
    My favourites, to go with Antoine, would be Lucienne or Constance.
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    I was going to come in and do some combos, but Emma did almost all I had in mind! I do love these though:

    Aquila Theophane, Aquila Chrysanthe
    Constance Endellion
    Cosima Endellion, Cosima Melisande
    Endellion Myrrine, Endellion Alair
    Evanthe Sylvaine, Evanthe Myrrine
    Melisande Noor, Melisande Theophane
    Meriel Endellion, Meriel Chrysanthe
    Rosamond Noor
    Sunniva Eirene, Sunniva Noor, Sunniva Theophane
    Sylvia Rosamond
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    I adore Averill, so I simply must go with Averill Maris or Averill Marina. My second favorite is Cosima Alair or Cosima Sylvaine. Myriam, Sunniva, and Rosamond are also awesome.

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