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    Congrats again! You have some very lovely names here. As on the boy thread, you already have so many awesome suggestions I have nothing to add off the top of my head, but one stand-out to me is Cyrielle (I had not heard this name before, I don't care much for Cyril, and I can see it would have spelling and pronunciation issues, but it is absolutely beautiful! You know, I think if I was going to be bold and use it I'd keep the C. I usually don't care for K spellings either.) I also like Lucienne. I love Lucien/Lucian for a boy; I saw it on your list, and, much as I love it, I think you have other choices that pair better with Antoine. I suppose that goes for Lucienne, too, but it's beautiful. I think Chrysanthe is my favorite from your middles list, and Lucienne Chrysanthe would be gorgeous. Rosamond Chrysanthe is also lovely and striking.
    Best wishes!
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    I like a lot of these names. Constance and Noor are on my favorites list. I also love Rosamond.
    Here are my favorites:
    Meriel (Another one of my favorites: I particularly love it because of a dear family friend named Muriel. )

    middle names I love:

    now I want to say two more things:
    Cyrielle seems a little difficult to pronounce, but I am bad at pronouncing things. Still I think others would have the problem. I also think Myriam looks trendy to me.
    Still I think in general the names are lovely! Best of Luck!
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    Congratulations, Blade! So happy for you!

    I truly love so many of the names you have listed. My favorite of your firsts are Anastasia, Cosima, Melisande, and Rosamond. Of your middles, I'm pretty much enamored by Apolline, Chrysanthe, Eirene, Noor, and Solenne.

    Thoughts thus far
    Aquila - I have a strong association with this one, so it's hard for me to look at it objectively. I think it is a great match for you though. Such a strong name
    Averill / Everild - I like this a lot, but it just doesn't seem to mesh with Antoine for me
    Everlid Apolline, Everlid Myrrine - two strong women!, Averill Eirene
    Anastasia - So, so lovely. Smart, feminine, and sophisticated
    Aristea - The imagery with this is fantastic. It feels so regal.
    Aristea Constance, Aristea Myrrine*, Aristea Noor
    Constance - I feel like this has a bit of a hipster vibe, which is not necessarily a bad thing. She would make a lovely sister for Antoine.
    Cosima - one of my personal favorites
    Cosima Noor*/Lucienne - interpretable as bright universe...kind of awesome, Cosima Melisande
    Cyrielle (prn. with hard K) - As lovely as this is (and it is stunning), the pronunciation problems would bother me
    Cyrielle Ambrosine
    Endellion - Again, feels like a departure from the romantic, latinate Antoine.
    Evanthe - Stunning
    Lucienne - So sweet and lacy. Do you think she'd end up a Lucy, though? I think I may prefer this in the middle.
    Lucienne Aristea
    Melisande - Another of my personal favorites. Queenly is certainly the best word to sum it up. Depending on your pronunciation, there is a bit of assonant rhyme with -sande and -toine though
    Meriel - I love the sound, but it just doesn't stand out as much as your other names
    Myriam - Miriam/Myriam definitely deserves more love. However, she just feels a bit plain next to Antoine.
    Myriam Ambrosine, Myriam Aristea, Myriam Cassiane - another female power double punch!, Myriam Sunniva
    Nerissa - I love how feminine and somewhat exotic this name is. I love the literary flair and it just seems like a good fit. Would be great with Antoine.
    Rosamond - Has pretty much all the most excellent qualities a name could have. Strong yet melodic sound, wonderful meaning, deep history, recognizable yet unexpected. Just rather perfect. Also, I think this is stunning with Antoine.
    Rosamond Alair, Rosamond Chrysanthe - this is quite floral sounding and quite long, but I can't help but loving it, Rosamond Maris, Rosamond Sylvaine*
    Sunniva - Nice, but not my favorite from your list.
    Sunniva Constance, Sunniva Floriane, Sunniva Myrrine
    Sylvia - great, underused classic with an aura of intelligence and refinement

    I also love the suggestion of Renata and think that Ines would be a great fit for you.
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    I think Myriam Alair would be absolutely perfect.
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    I have changed my vote to Sylvia or Cosima. With Theophane as a middle. Gorgeous names, and fit right in with big bro.

    I'm sorry about the repetitive combo, I'm terrible at that stuff. My brain lacks Emma & yours wonderful combo-skills
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