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    Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond-- so many great suggestions and combinations.

    @corvus: your combinations are lovely. I'm trying to avoid having two Greek or two French names in a combination, but I really liked Aristea Sylvaine, Cosima Apolline/Ambrosine, Constance Sylvaine, Melisande Noor and Melisande Alair.

    @namelover: I do love Elodie but think it's misheard as Melody too much. Constance Apolline and Ingrid Solenne were lovely, thanks!

    @roseymaam: Eulalia means "chatterbox" so I'm reluctant to pick it, and think Eulalie is too difficult to pronounce. I do like Chione, and the original Greek form of Irene (Eirene). I love Evanthe Solenne, Cosima Maris and Melisande Chrysanthe though I think it might be a bit long.

    @ottilie: thank you! I would love to use Theophane, especially for a December baby (St Theophane's feast day is Dec 15, and Theophany starts Dec 26). I think it works with most of the firsts except the ones ending in an N sound.

    @mischa: It's perfectly fine to use male saints' names, but I do like finding original female bearers if possible. I like Philippa, Pelagia (but not sure how this would be received?), Xenia, Agnes (but not the English pronunciation, alas), Cassia (though would use Cassiane, prn cass-ee-ahn-ee), Celeste (though might be a bit prissy), Jacinthe, Flavia (only for a blonde!), Genevieve, Lydia, Pascale (only in the spring), Marcelline, Renata, and Seraphine (though not with brother Raphael, too many angels).

    @dindlee: I love Anastasia and husband does too, though he has a very annoying and troubled friend by the name that has tainted it for his family. Thanks for your thoughts.

    @geeknamesyo: thank you. I loved every one of your combinations, though I think I'll change Cyrielle to Kyrielle.

    @east93: I'm happy to hear that you think Antoine has a royal air! I like Anastasia and Melisande a lot.

    @tintri: Rosamond (I would choose the French spelling) Chrysanthe has been a secret favorite for months now!

    @bonfire: thank you! I like Leontine, Heloise and Selene a great deal.

    @sarah-- thank you! You have good taste.

    @lovewn: Meriel gets so little love, glad to find another aficionado. I love Sunniva Ambrosine, Meriel Cassiane, and Meriel Apolline.

    @aj: thank you!

    @ottilie: thanks again! Azenor is so cool, as is Eanswythe (though I highly doubt the husband will go for an old Kentish name). I do love Merewen so much and Yvaine needs to be bestowed on somebody...

    @clocktower: I love Melisande Noor/Katya, and Cosima Noor & Rosamond Katya. Thanks!

    @author: lovely, thank you.

    @southern-- you identified a lot of my top favorites, thanks!

    @emma: thank you for the breakdown, it's so helpful. I like Everild more than Averill too. And glad to get some Aquila love! Anastasia is probably too big as compared to Antoine, I agree. I love Cozy, it's very sweet. Kyrielle is indeed related to Kyrie Eleison (both Kyri- bits mean 'lord' in Greek). It's related to the name Kiril/Cyril from which the cyrillic alphabet is derived. Agree on Lucienne, probably not a contender for the first spot. I too worry about Nerissa being misheard, or viewed as a creative variant of Marissa. I'm glad you like Rosamond! And husband is Christian, not Sunni, but I like the nickname Sunny. Sylvia is definitely more familiar but not too common, I don't think.

    Alair is a bronchial thermoplasty catheter system, but nobody know that. Ambrosine is special due to Dec 7 being St Ambrose's feast day. Cassiane is a spelling variant of Kassiani (again I am scared of the letter K). Ereni is the closest transliteration of Eirene. I love Chrysanthe & the mums, thanks! Floriane is probably out. I like Maris more, too. And glad you like Myrrine! And Noor. Solen(n)e was a saint hence its consideration, though Solace is very evocative. Glad you like Sylvaine and Theophane!

    I love Xenia but not sure if it translates well (most would pronounce ZEE-nya). Emmanuelle was an ex-girlfriend for the husband, so it's out, alas. Anthousa is pretty but I like some other flower names more. I do like Delphine and Justine but I have so many -ine/ -en names! Rosamond isn't *really* a floral name....

    @kara: all of your combinations were really lovely; I like them all! Especially Evanthe Sylvaine, Sylvia Chrysanthe, Nerissa Ambrosine, Melisande Alair, and Myriam Cassiane.

    @mickie86: I am definitely a creature of habit and like particular phonetic sounds, like the -ine/-in endings. I love Helene and Marceline.

    @emma: combination genius! Where to start, as they're all great: All the Aquila ones, both Everild ones, Constance Ambrosine (now I hear 'constant snore' too); Cosima Floriane, Cosima Delphine, Endellion Justine, Evanthe Sylvaine, Meriel Endellion/Ambrosine/Apolline; Myriam Solace/Noor; everything sounds great with Rosamond!; Sylvia Rosamond; Sylvia Noor; Olympia Theophane is crazy but too Greek for me, I fear.

    @shellez: Cosima is lovely (it's a nod to St Cosmas for me); it pairs well with Alair & Noor, thanks!

    @tori: thanks! I'm going to stick with Myriam as it's the French spelling and more Christian versus Jewish; I love Vivienne, Eleanor (no a), Jacintha, Claire, Annika & Cecilia, thanks!

    @lindylou: Each of those combinations was gorgeous! Love them all! You have a great ear.

    @ruolan: thanks, I agree with you re: As. I am not dead-set on avoiding one but if deciding between two more or less equal options, will go with a non-A. I do love Helene and might use it as an homage to my mother-in-law, who has an Arabic name beginning with H that she doesn't like much.

    @agent99 I went to the prenoms board and liked the little personality profile they did for each name, that was fun! Any suggestions would be most welcome, esp those obscure old Greek names that made their way into French. I have a soft spot for them. But no accent marks allowed.

    @lexiem: Glad you liked Aristea and Cosima. Constance isn't exciting, it's true. I love Endellion but am having trouble pairing it with something sans Ns & Ls (perhaps Claire?) I agree, Lucian is better than Lucienne. I love Myriam Ambrosine. Nerissa Sylvaine is great [too many S's?] and it sounds amazing with baby's surname. Rosamond Junia/Maris are both lovely. Antoine & Sylvia are definitely not the most obvious pair, I agree. I'll probably cut Floriane from the middles.

    @amy: I am horrible with girls' names too. Getting this list together took ages and it still feels quite imperfect. Thanks for your thoughts, glad you liked so many!

    @lily: Lucienne & Constance do sound great with Antoine.

    @ottilie: Beautiful combinations, all. I love both Aquila ones... oh, all. Prob no Endellion Myrrine as it's too long and has too many nasals, and Evanthe Myrrine rhymes a bit, but they are all perfect!

    @goodhope: thank you, not many people like Averill. I liked your combinations very much.

    @kyemsma: All four suggestions were beautiful, thank you!

    @hanniekitt: You're right, Rosamond Sylvaine sounds delicious.

    @lori: thank you! I think (C)Kyrielle Floriane has too similar a meter, but Lucienne Alair is beautiful.

    @bonnie: thank you. I think I will try to avoid having two Greek names together but I really liked Rosamond Sylvaine.

    @moonkai: yes, I am suffering from an excess of Ns. I should probably spell Kyrielle thusly. I do really like all your combinations, esp Kyrielle Sunniva (or Sunniva Kyrielle). I worry about Xenia being mispronounced.

    @teagardens thank you! I love Rosamond Chrysanthe and Constance Endellion is beautiful!

    @babyninja: thank you, and another vote for Rosamond Chrysanthe!

    @raqkel thank you, both are great

    @maggie I especially love Solange, but picked Solenne as I thought it was an easier variant to pronounce. Philothea is very nice, thanks.

    @wattle-- thank you. Melisande is great, so queenly.

    @sophie I do like Clemence but think in a flat American accent it might lose some of its luster. I love Aurelia (Antoine would likely have been an Aurelia) but everyone I shopped it around to misheard 'areola.' I like Agnes a lot, but again love the European pronunciations so much more than the American, and that's a hopeless cause.
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    Aquila, Anastasia, Sunniva, and Rosamond are my favorites with Antoine. Alair, Apolline, Floriane, Maris, Noor, and Solenne would work well with them imo. Congrats!
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    Congratulations, blade! Really exciting news.

    I'm Afraid I can't offer any original suggestions after so many wonderful posts. I think you have an "Ottilie conundrum": your only difficulty will be choosing a final candidate from all your beautiful combos. Truly stunning and meaningful list. Good luck over the coming months!

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    Constance Appoline is amazing! I am such a fan of the name Constance and I think it would pair so well with your son's name. Congrats!

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    After reading all the replies I must say I love Heloise, Everild, Evanthe & Endellion(had not heard of before).

    For a middle name I like Noor best. The meaning 'light' is beautiful also. Good luck!!
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