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    Elizabeth, so I could call her Eliza. If I had to call the child by the full name though, Catherine.
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    I LOVE all three!! It's tough, but I would say my first pick would be Elizabeth, followed by Catherine and last but not least the sweet and spunky Josephine.
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    I do love my own name for various reasons including namesakes and nickname potential. It was nice because I had many nicknames growing up and they actually made it easy in school to differentiate myself from other Elizabeth's. I mainly went by Libby or Lib, and have only met one other Elizabeth who went by Libby.

    However I wouldn't personally choose my own name for my future daughter. Between Catherine and Josephine I would choose Catherine and call her Kit as a nickname. I'm not sure why but I've never truly liked feminization of masculine names. It's hard for me to get past the Joseph part to actually use it, though I think it's a nice name for someone else.
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    I love all three! Catherine is my favorite (my daughter's mn), followed by Elizabeth, then Josephine.

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    All great choices but Josephine by far!
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