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    This is a tough one.

    I love Elizabeth - it's my twin's name - but I also love Josephine.

    I'd say Elizabeth just edges it, because of it's meaning to me, but Josephine is a close second.

    Catherine is nice but it's not a name that 'does it' for me.
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    Elizabeth. I love all of the nickname options for it.
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    I really love all 3 of these classic names. This is very difficult. I love Elizabeth because it has a royal vibe to it with such amazing nn's. Libby, Liz, Liza, Beth, Ellie, and so many more cute ones. Josephine is a family name and very special to me. I also love Josie as a nn. Catherine sounds so prim and proper, but the nn Kate or Katie are 2 of my favorite nn's. Sorry for the rambling....but After all that my decision is Josephine. Very close to my heart

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    Sooo hard!!

    Elizabeth is really elegant, regal and pretty. I also love the range of nicknames such as Eliza, Beth, Lizzie, Lisa and Eli. Elizabeth is really beautiful and works for all ages but then she is incredibly popular at the moment especially in the USA at no. 10. Catherine is also really elegant and shares similar attributes too Elizabeth, Catherine sounds very wholesome I also love the nicknames associated with Catherine such as Kit, Katie and Kate. Yet she does feel stereotypical and slightly too 'pure'. I also love Josephine she's really sweet, wholesome and pretty. I also love the rural attitude of the name Josephine. I think Josie is a cute nickname as well as Posey, yet I don't know whether the name is usable for a teenager. I can imagine an adult with the name and a child but for an teenage I can it being slightly challenging...

    I'm being so nit-picky at this precise moment because all of them are awesome choices!!

    My favourite is Elizabeth with the nickname Eliza just because it's so usable, elegant and sweet.

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    Josephine. I've always liked this name, although I have to admit I am not sure I would be brave enough to use it because it is very old fashioned. I like it, though, because it is a classic name that is also a little bit unusual.

    I also love Elizabeth. It is more common than Josephine, but it is a family name which gives it some significance for me.

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