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    Ash/Phoenix - love these. She sounds calm, practical, logical, focused. I agree it makes more sense as a nickname (especially if she doesn't remember her past)
    Seth - kinda quiet and bookish, but has a sense of humor. Probably kinda sarcastic.
    Lilith - rebellious, judgmental, quick temper. probably dangerous.
    Indigo - quiet and thoughtful. Compassionate.
    Obsidian - deadly/dangerous, like Lilith, but not too rebellious. Probably more of the 'strong-and-silent' type.

    Quinn - cheerful and sharp-tongued, probably with a dark sense of humor. The kind of person who cracks jokes at all the wrong moments . Probably not known for good behavior. Doesn't care what other people think.
    Calla - pretty much the polar opposite of Quinn.
    Kae - Cool, sensible.
    Gray - the cool guy that everybody either wants to hang or be. has an attitude.
    Sebastian - friendly, funny, sweet.
    Dare - I think the name says it all, haha. It does seem a lot like a nickname, though.
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    @ calypso: Thank you soooo much for your evaluation of my characters, earlier I was a tad concerned about it because no one got very close for some of them, but you were pretty much exactly right for quite a few of those. I don't really know what I was asking, because the character is whoever I make it, and that's not defined by the name, but oh well. I was just wondering how people felt about the names.
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