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    I prefer Aurora, it's easy to spell and say, whereas I misread Melisande and am still not sure how I would pronounce it if I hadn't read it in your post. Obviously ASS initials are not great, by Zophia is a good pick or even Aurora Melisande. I have two middle names and my kids do too, I love it and it isn't as much as a pain in the ass as people seem to think

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    If Aurora Melisande is an option, I'll definitely go for it. Otherwise I'd go by Melisande. It's pretty and unique.
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    I Aurora, but the shooting has a negative connotation. Also, to me, its like naming a daughter Cinderella. You could name her Sophia with Aurora is the middle?

    I also love Melisande, but I agree the pronunciation will be a problem. Nn Options:

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    Thanks so much for all the feedback! I'll say that I'm feeling a lot better about Melisande with all the support here. That's probably moved ahead of Aurora for now as the top choice, though there are still issues I worry about. I'm finding it's very difficult to balance all the things that are important in a name (meaning, origin, flow, nicknames, pronunciation and spelling, etc.)

    One issue with Melisande is that we have really no connection to anything French, and our last name is of Polish decent, so it might sound a little incongruous. Though, Aurora is Latin and we have no connection to that origin either, but Latin is just more common to English-speakers. Not to mention my first name is Irish but my family has no connections there either, so maybe it just doesn't matter that much.

    If we go with Aurora, I think we would go with Aurora Zophia given the support for it here, so the initials would be AZS. We've thought a lot about adding a second middle name to avoid the ASS problem, and my wife actually has two middle names, but nothing has been working out for us in that. Also, we don't want to use both Melisande and Aurora in the name this time, in case we have another girl someday.

    I'm still uncertain about the nicknames for Melisande, but you've given a lot of good options here that we'll think about. I feel much more comfortable about the Rory nickname for Aurora, but sometimes I think I only like Rory because of Gilmore Girls and not because I actually like the name!

    Thanks again for all the feedback. It's a lot harder deciding someone's name than I thought it would be!

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    Love both (Aurora moreso) but because of the initials, I would go wih a different name.

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