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    LOVE Melisande and find the pronunciation to be very intuitive.

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    I love Melisande Sophia. I would probably use the nickname Milly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by claireelise View Post
    While Melisande also has 3 syllables, the totally different ending makes it work with Sophia. I actually really like the flow. Melisande will be unusual/unknown to most people, but so many more parents are choosing obscure names these days. It's a beautiful name.

    I agree. I also agree with most people here who chose Melisande over Aurora.

    Melisande is my top name for a year now and I love it!.

    Melisande Sophia is nice, but Aurora Sophia Melisande is more pretty, but long.

    Nicknames for Melisande... Missy, Lissy, Sande, Sandie. Sadie...
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    I like them both very much but ASS really needs to be avoided!
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    Never mind. I forgot one thing.
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