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    I love Aurora! I prefer that to Melisande, but that's nice too.

    What about Aurora Sophia Melisande? It's kind of long, but still very nice.
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    I vote Melisande. I really like it! And I think nicknames could range from Mela (Mila), to milly, to my favorite Lissy!
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    I'd say avoid the ASS initials at all costs. Also, I don't really prefer the double 'a' endings of Aurora Sophia, not to mention the 3-3 syllable counts.

    While Melisande also has 3 syllables, the totally different ending makes it work with Sophia. I actually really like the flow. Melisande will be unusual/unknown to most people, but so many more parents are choosing obscure names these days. It's a beautiful name.

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    Melisande gets my vote! I LOVE Aurora (It's one of my favorite names), but I think Melisande might be the better choice for you.
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    I like Melisande more for a middle unless you are french and I would forgo Aurora
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