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    Quote Originally Posted by crimson View Post
    Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to hear some support for Melisande. I had planned on naming my daughter that for many years until I decided that maybe it was too obscure. But I'm feeling a little better about it. And thanks for the nicknames namelover, those are more creative than I had been coming up with.

    Alessandra is very pretty and you're right, I think it would be a good balance between our choices. However, it would still leave us with the dreaded ASS problem. :P

    Evangeline is very nice too; it's on our maybe list I think. Will definitely think more about that one.

    Thanks again!
    Ahh, I can't believe I completely missed that! Silly me. Well, perhaps if you decided to do Zophia then you'd have Alessandra Zophia as a possible idea.

    I also second the idea of Evangeline.
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    How about Melia as a nickname that's pretty... Aurora is pretty much but with ASS as initials..

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    I love both names, though I find them very different. Aurora is very frilly and girly and sweet, while Melisande has an elegant medieval feel to it. I prefer Melisande for its rarity, but honestly you can't go wrong here! What about Melisande Aurora Stapley or Aurora Melisande Stapley? If you're set on honouring your grandmother, Aurora Sophia Stapley and Melisande Sophia Stapley both sound nice. If the initials are that big of a deal to you, leave her middle name off her official documents (here in Canada middle names are usually optional on forms; my sister has one but doesn't use it and thus hardly anyone knows it). Or whichever you don't use as a first can be in the middle.
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    I really like both Aurora and Melisande. I'd go with Aurora Zophia (I love Zophia! The Z just makes the name for me.) You could also use another name that means "wisdom" to honor your grandmother--NB did a blog post on "wisdom" names recently.

    Edit: Here it is! I really like Athena, Minerva, and Kaya.
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    I love the name Aurora, but recently took it off my list after the shooting. I'd also say the ASS initials are a deal-breaker.

    Melisande, while foreign, is pretty straightforward to pronounce, as all it's letters/sounds are the same in French as they are in English. I think people will easily be able to read it, but will likely ask your daughter how to spell her name if they have to write it. Also, another possible nickname I didn't see listed is "Missy".

    In your shoes, provided you liked the names pretty equally, I'd choose Melisande. If you like Aurora better, I might still suggest choosing it despite the shooting, but definitely change up the middle name situation.
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