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    Uncertain About Our Top Two Names

    We've had two names in mind for a while now, but both have problems and we're uncertain about them. We need some outside perspective!

    We know we want the middle name to be Sophia (after my grandmother), and I'll use the last name Stapley here for reference (not actual last name but close). In general, we're going for "romantic" names that aren't too popular.

    Name 1: Aurora
    Why we like it
    Pretty name, princess name, like the meaning, like the possibility of using nickname "Rory".
    1. Initials - Aurora Sophia Stapley = ASS = not good. Workarounds are to give two middle names (e.g. Aurora Lyla Sophia Stapley), add something to Sophia (e.g. Aurora AnnaSophia Stapley), use a weird spelling of the middle name (e.g. Aurora Zophia Stapley), or call her by her middle name (e.g. Sophia Aurora Stapley).
    2. Pronunciation - With all the Rs, it can be a little difficult to say Aurora.
    3. Popularity - On the rise, almost in the top 100, and worried now that Sleeping Beauty is on Once Upon a Time as well (though possibly the Aurora, CO shooting will prevent too much growth)

    Name 2: Melisande (pronounced mel-eh-sahnd)
    Why we like it
    Romantic name, unusual, princess name (Flight of Dragons movie), Melisande Sophia Stapley sound pretty good
    1. Pronunciation - No one will ever know how to pronounce or spell the name since it's French.
    2. Obscurity - it may just be too strange, and we don't want her growing up regretting her name
    3. Lack of nickname - we can't think of any good nicknames other than "Mel" that we like. I feel a cute nickname is very important to have as an option while she is growing up.

    What does everyone think about the names and the problems? Should we stick with these or go back to the drawing board? Thanks!

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    I'd go with Melisande. It's not that hard to figure out the pronunciation at all, and there is a character on Game of Thrones with a similar name "Melisandre" so there is some air of familiarity with the name.

    I can completely see Melisa/Melissa being used a nickname, as well as Mel, Lissa/Lyssa, Sandy, Andie, Ellie, Em. There are a lot of nicknames to choose from.
    Melisande is uncommon but on obscure imo, it's so close to the formerly popular Melissa, I'm sure your daughter won't regret her name for that.
    And if she really dislikes Melisande and all nicknames because it's too obscure, then there's the very popular Sophia she has in the middle.

    Aurora is lovely, but with ASS initials and the hassle to make it work, I'd skip it.

    I will suggest one name though, Alessandra. I feel like it's right in the middle for your two names, and it's also my ultimately favourite name ever so I might be a bit biased.

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    I can never say Aurora without sounding like my mouth is full of marshmallows. That and the ASS initials would rule it out for me.

    Melisande is very pretty and not that strange. Melissa's common enough for people to be able to pronounce Melisande.

    I like east93's suggestion of Alessandra. Maybe you'd like Cassandra as well?
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    I think Aurora Zophia is lovely, but Melisande Sophia is beautiful! NNs could also be Izzy, Lissy, Liz, Lizzy, Sandy, Elle, Ellie, Ella or Ellis. Also, how about Evangeline? That would have the beautiful nns of Eve, Evie, Eva, Angie, Ellie, Elle, Ella, and Lina, among others. It has a very feminine, princesslike quality, isn't very popular but yet is quite familiar thanks to Evangeline Lilly of Lost. Also, the initials ESS could prompt the ADORABLE nn Essie!
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    Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to hear some support for Melisande. I had planned on naming my daughter that for many years until I decided that maybe it was too obscure. But I'm feeling a little better about it. And thanks for the nicknames namelover, those are more creative than I had been coming up with.

    Alessandra is very pretty and you're right, I think it would be a good balance between our choices. However, it would still leave us with the dreaded ASS problem. :P

    Evangeline is very nice too; it's on our maybe list I think. Will definitely think more about that one.

    Thanks again!

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