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    Still keep thinking of Portia

    Do you think it's a really awful name? I love that its literary and has no nick names. But it seems it never gets used its ranked in the baby name wizard as being #2726

    What do you think of it?

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    I have friends with an adorable toddler Portia. They are by no means hipsters nor pretentious, just loved the Shakespeare character and the vibe (her middle name is something very unpretentious, like Mae).

    I think people fear it will be confused with Porsche and therefore be lumped in with the Chanel & Hennessy set, but they're so obviously different on paper I think it would take only one correction before that was cleared up. Others fear it sounds porcine, but it's not related.

    I think it's a great name, with a great namesake, and would like to meet yet another small Portia.
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    Thanks I guess I can see your point about the car. It's unfortunate when brands or cars use pretty names lol. I liked the name Allegra for so long and it really stinks that their is medication called that. Portia sounds very beautiful to me but I know some people think names like Lexus, Bentley, Mercedes and the ones you mentioned seem sort of trashy.

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    As you can see from my signature, Portia is one of my favourite names ever! It has such an elegant sound, strong but feminine. The The Merchant of Venice is my favourite Shakespeare play and Portia is my favourite character from it, so that's a great association to me. At least here in Canada, we pronounce Portia as por-shah and Porsche is pohr-shuh (not sure how to phonetically write out that German R)- different enough no one ever gets confused.

    I would love to meet a Portia, maybe even name my own daughter that in the future.
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    I'm another one who loves the name Portia.
    I've only met one and that was a tiny feisty girl in Africa, who made me fall completely in love with the name.

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