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  • @Cynthia

    18 50.00%
  • @Joan

    15 41.67%
  • #Susan

    22 61.11%
  • #Stacy

    12 33.33%
  • $Jamie

    12 33.33%
  • $Lori

    22 61.11%
  • %Holly

    30 83.33%
  • %Edna

    4 11.11%
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    Dated Names Tournament - Girls Round 1 Set 1

    Here we go with the "Dated Names" Tournament featuring the names nominated by our Berries which are currently in fashion limbo. There were so many good ideas that the tournament will feature 32 names for each gender. So there aren't so many game threads going at one time, I will be doing only the first round for girls this week (boys will be next week with the girls getting a bye week, then each week thereafter both genders will be in play concurrently). Even so, that means that four game threads will be going for this round (the others are here, here, and here). For those who haven't played one of my tournaments before, vote for one name with each symbol in the poll (which indicate the names competing against each other this round).

    This set's match-ups are:
    Cynthia vs. Joan
    Susan vs. Stacy
    Jamie vs. Lori
    Holly vs. Edna
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