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    When i was still pregnant with my son and we didn't know what we were having yet a coworker asked what our names were going to be. Nils (which is his name) and Lorelei if he was a girl. She said"Oh, don't you want to give them names they wont be made fun of for?" I must have had a "what the F did u just say look on my face" as she quickly walked away. I still cant believe she would say that to someone who is pregnant and hormonal. Even if I hate someone's baby name unless they specifically ask for my opinion i just say "That's cute, congratulations". Some people are rude idiots.
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    It would depend on who it was. My parents don't care for a couple of my potential names (TTC in Sept) and told me so, explaining their reasoning. I said okay, thank you for the advice but we have selected these names and agreed upon them (DH and I talked in advance about potential names). If it was a stranger, then I'd tell them that I wanted a unique name and this one had meaning for us so we used it, maybe tell them the meaning if they hadn't commented rudely. Otherwise, I'd probably say thanks for the opinion but we happen to like the name.
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    My mother-in-law took it upon herself to announce at a birthday party for my brother-in-law that she "absolutely HATES" the name my husband and I chose for a daughter (due in October). We're naming her Ellsie. She then went on to say, "everytime I hear it I think of that stupid borden cow." I just kind of looked at her with this "how rude are you" face and said, "well the thing is... is that nobody in MY generation knows who that is. So certainly nobody HER age will either." My husband took over at that point since I was livid and had to walk away.

    There's really no correct response to give someone who doesn't like (or in my case absolutely hates) the name you chose for your child. If it's special to you that's really all that should matter and everyone else can just butt out.

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    I think for me it would depend on how I felt about the name before giving it. If I'd had reservations, but I went through with it anyway, I'd probably feel like their comments (though rude) confirmed all of my fears about the name. If I felt completely confident in the name, I think I'd just be like, Wow, rude. Indie is not a name or nickname that you need to worry about it. It is cute, you haven't spelled it like the Indy 500, so screw them! Don't worry about it =))

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    People can be so rude!

    No one has ever really said anything negative about my daughter's name. Most older ladies love it! "Oh, how wonderful. You don't hear that too often anymore." Younger people ask "how did you come up with it?" which I think means they think we made it up, but at least they aren't rude about it. My brother is the only one who ever said he didn't like it, but he just says stuff to be contrary, so I replied with "yes you do!"

    My half-sister was really rude when we explained to my family about the tradition in my husband's family of giving the first son the mother's maiden name as a middle name. But she's just a rude person.

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