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    The only ones I've gotten backlash from are my parents and IL's. And frankly, I told them that they had the chance to name their kids about 3 decades ago and now it's our turn.
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    I'd tell them that naming my kid was MY choice, not theirs. And when they have their own kids, they can name them whatever they choose.
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    I would ignore them. I have been told my kids names are too common, which is funny since their names are both not in the top 100 names.
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    With my first, we thought he was a girl at first, and I really like older Gaelic names, and some that are more non-traditional. My (now) ex had his sister phone me with a list of appropriate names. I don't recall them now, but a couple were Grace, Ava, etc. Basically anything that's in the top 20. It was just so weird getting a phone call from her that started with, "so he said you can't think of any good names..."

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    We've never had anyone comment because our son was still born. Sometimes if people find out that we had a baby then people ask us what we called it, but most people never say anything negative, probably because they feel sorry for us, people just comment on how 'unique' it is.

    If anyone says anything about my next child's name to my face or their face then I'll just tell them that they don't need to like it, they didn't name my child, I did.

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