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    Hm, well, I know I've already responded, but I'd probably come back with something along the lines of 'You don't have to like it.'
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I think it's completely OK to meet peoples bold rudeness head on by telling them straight up, "Well, I don't really think that haircut works for your face shape. I never said anything cause of my good manners & respect for personal boundaries, but if we're throwing those out the window I might as well let you know how I feel." or whatever along those lines about the rude persons style, weight, life choices, marriage, ect...Or you could always explain how boring or just plain made up their child's name is!!

    It baffles me how nervy some folks could be and how it stuns their victims into silence!

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    I deal with this from the older ladies at church. Is there some rule that once you're over 70, you can just forget all manners?

    When I was asked about this baby's name (Phoebe) and shared what we've chosen, I get all sorts of weird comments, as I did with my last daughter, Ivy. My favorite was, "Well that's a new one." Um... NO! It's in the Bible, for goodness sake!

    I'm not confrontational enough to make a snarky reply.. I'm just working on not getting my feelings hurt.
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    Our families love the boys' names. Which I think is great, however I hear a lot when someone hears me say Everett Jay or Atticus Reid, "You really named your son Everett or you really named your son Atticus?" With Declan and Milo I don't hear that.

    Everyone has their opinion, which is fine. I knew when we named the boys that not everyone was going to love Everett or Atticus. Or even Declan and Milo, but we loved them and the boys look so much like their names.

    The one thing I heard when I was younger and still hear is Joel and my family call me James as a nickname. It'll be, "Hey James can you grab Milo's bear?" When we are out and someone always says, your parents named you James, they must of wanted a boy.

    I turn the person and say no, my name is Jamie. I just get called James. And people hate my middle name which is Leigh and is actually honoring my grandmother.

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    I get this a lot with my sons middle name since it has been deemed "feminine"
    Sometimes in public places I'll shout out "Charles Hailey, you get back here now!" when he wanders off too far. I've had some moms (and dads!) say, "Why would you give your son a girl name?" If there daughters name is something along the lines of Addison or Riley, I simply ask them, "Why did you give your daughter a boy's name?" If that's not the case I just tell them that he's a third, there's not much I can do but to carry on the tradition I was dealt.
    They can all piss off! Tell them to name they're own kids and leave it to you to name yours.
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