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    I think it's rude, but you just have to ignore it. No point in getting in a fight just because they don't like the name. All though I can see why they think it's a hipster name, since hipsters like "Indie Music"

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    I am really, really, REALLY picky with names! I dislike most names, it’s not that I think most names are “Ugly” or “weird” I just have either heard them a million times or they are way too out of the box for me. Honestly when friends and family members name their kids I always love the name for their child because it always fits them! Names are so personal, and when you really know/ love someone you learn to love their name. If you hear a name of someone you've never met and it’s something common, or odd, that’s all it will be. This doesn't mean you can state your opinion! I have a select few names I like and I guarantee most people won’t like or appreciate my kids names! If anyone says anything rude like that to me my response will be “That’s what is so great about names they are so personal and not everyone likes them or else we’d all have the same name! You don’t like my kids name, My opinion on your name choices are probably not my taste either…”

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    I think it's pretty funny at least two people on this thread whose children have "unusual" names have been proven trolls.
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    I like what my friend calls "nursing home names" whereas she likes names that are modern and original and trendy. We all have different tastes and choices and people need to learn to respect that. I honestly think the best thing to say is "I'm sorry to hear that, but I happen to love her name" and just walk away before it turns into something more than it needs to be.

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    I don't have any children yet, but I am blown away at how rude people can be. It is obvious that most parents spend a great deal of time picking out a name for their child and that they love it. I do not understand why people think they need to share their negative thoughts about the name. I am not planning on having children for another 5+ years, but I already know that I will be keeping my child's name to my husband and myself before they arrive. I occasionally will mention names to my parents and sister and they will respond by telling me they do not like them. They are not even "out there" names. So far, they have not liked Charlotte, Lucia, Henry, Jude, or Silas! If I keep mentioning names to them, I am going to be left with a very long list of names that I adore, but am too afraid to use.
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