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    I do like it when "that's an old man/lady name" is used as an insult. Do people not realize that old people were once babies too, and that all of the babies with "old people" names will hopefully all be old people one day...?

    People have told me that Hazel has an old lady name, while they have children called Bella-Mae or Nevaeh. I can't for the life of me imagine an older woman called Nevaeh but maybe that's just me.
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    Been there! Personally I think the best thing to do is just ignore them. I've had SO many comments on F&A's names but I just literally turn away and end the conversation.

    I always feel that I'd be just as bad as them if I reply with something like 'Well I don't like your kids name..' or 'Well we love it so it's none of your business'. The only thing I've replied with once was something along the lines of 'Oh, well we really love them!'

    Before they were born, we told just a few close friends what we were calling them and the minute we did, they started to suggest other names. "Amity? What about just Amy? She'll probably end up using that name anyway." "Mmmm, Fable? Why not just Faye? Or Mabel?" This time we're not saying our choices to anyone. Not that we have decided on one yet, anyway!
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    Apparently my father made it a whole month without knowing that Gemma's middle name is Hermione. We live with him while my husband finishes trade school. He scoffed and went "Oh God". I'm not sure if I was more irritated with the fact that he didn't know it or was a bit rude about not liking it. Plus he kept cutting me off when I was explaining that my 12 year old picked it. After a few minutes of this I just told him to shut up. There's only so much patience I'll dole out when another person refuses to demonstrate respect with their opinions. It's not that I demand that he love my name choices, but geez, I only need your opinion once, and after that it's either my turn to talk or the conversation is over with.
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    A lot of people don't care so much for Greers name. 1 person going so far as to say that with such a silly name se will be lucky if she makes it out of high school.
    I love both my girls names so it bothers me a little but not enough to really give it more than a few seconds of after thought.
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    I haven't had anyone flat-out say that they dislike our son's name (Truman) but I have had a few quiet "oh, that's nice" (white -lie, haha) or "different" and especially a lot of comments asking who he is named after. It bothered me a bit, but I understand that it is a strong name and I have had a couple people tell me that hearing it the first time took them off guard and now they like it. It made me doubt our choice for a little while at the beginning but even then I couldn't imagine using a different one. If I wanted most people to like his name, I would have picked Jacob instead!

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