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    What do you say when people tell you their don't like your kids name?

    The other day I took my daughter to school and she was showing her little sister Indie to her friends. A couple of parents overheard her introducing Indie to other kids and said to me that they loved to two older kids names, but they just didn't like the name Indie... I explained it was just a nickname etc. but it seemed really weird to say that you don't like a name to their parents face. Really weirdly, it happened again a couple days later in the park. Someone overhead me saying Indie and they told me that it was a bit of an odd hipster name, what do you even say to that?
    Ok, so this was mostly just a rant, but I really don't know what you are meant to say when people tell you they don't like the name you picked! She's a year old, it's a bit late now :P

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