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    When I [very occasionally] get averse reactions to my own name, I just kind of stare the Philistine down and feel smug about my superior manners and knowledge of names.
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    Well that's rude. Indie is a cool name, too.

    haha 'hipster.' At this point, EVERYTHING is hipster. I'm seriously sick of it, but I'd take that as a compliment; it means people think you're being different (even if THEY don't approve).

    Yeah, people should keep their name judgments to themselves. Unless it's a forum (lawl), or if it naturally arises in a conversation, at which point you say it nicely, 'well, it's not really my style, but it fits your child very well!'
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    Lots of people I know have chosen baby names I dislike, but the only comments I've ever made regarding names have been the white lie: "Oh, that's so cute!" Unless someone is specifically asking for your opinion on a name, it's not your place to comment.
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    It's hard to believe people can be so rude, but it happens all the time. I would never imagine saying any negative comment to someone about their child's name, even though my complaints are usually that the name is too boring or trendy. The only way I would say something negative if it was obviously racist, hateful, or a slur of some kind.

    My mom strongly disliked the name Rowan when I first told her and she tried calling her RJ for the first few months of her life. I corrected her every time and sternly verbalized my hatred for it and she eventually got it. She loves her name now though, of course. I've had little old ladies in grocery stores ask what Rowan's name is and then say something to the extent of "Oh...that's different" with a scowl on their face. It just makes me like it more.
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    Exactly what sort of response does an individual expect when they tell someone that they don't like their child's name?

    Rita Rude: "Your son is adorable! What's his name?"
    Mia Mom: "-insert name here-"
    Rita Rude: "-insert dumb comment here-"
    Mia Mom: "..."

    It's seriously the most awkward situation. What exactly is the purpose of telling someone that you don't like their child's name? Does Rita Rude expect Mia Mom to skip on down to the county courthouse and change her son's name just because Rita Rude doesn't like it? I wouldn't even bother telling Rita Rude that she's being rude; I would just say "okay" and walk away.

    I do like it when "that's an old man/lady name" is used as an insult. Do people not realize that old people were once babies too, and that all of the babies with "old people" names will hopefully all be old people one day...?
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