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    We've had some people make comments on our children's names, someone actually commented on Arthurs name the other day.

    We were packing the bags at the supermarket and naturally, people were asking about Arthur as he's only 1 month old and still looks pretty tiny. The woman behind us asked us what his name was, and we told her. She wrinkled her nose and said 'Oh, That's interesting..Sound kinda like an old mans name though. Such a shame.' I'm not 100% sure if we were meant to hear it but we did. I just turned to DH and rolled my eyes, ahah!
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    I think it is incredibly rude and I am sorry it happened to you! Although one of my close friends has a daughter with a name that even after 6 years I think was a terrible choice, I would NEVER tell her to her face. (Although if she straight out asked me I would tell her gently that I wouldn't have picked it and talk a lot about how everyone has different tastes in names and whatnot because I don't want to lie to her).
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    Probably either "well I don't like your kid's stupid name" or "well I don't like your stupid face."

    Seriously, what is wrong with people? No, realistically I'd probably say "I obviously very much like the name ____" or "I guess it's good that isn't YOUR kid's name, then."

    It's also a bit different (although still completely rude and both uncalled for and unproductive) for a family member or close friend to say it, then it is for a random mother at school or someone in the supermarket!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadmythoughts View Post
    "I guess it's good that isn't YOUR kid's name, then."
    Someone beat me to this sassy comment. Exactly this!

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    Wow. I can't believe the nerve!!

    I judge people's name choices ALL THE TIME. Mostly because I find them boring. But I would NEVER say it to their face.
    I get quite the comments on my first daughter's name. People confuse her for a boy all the time. Even in pictures on facebook. I'm not a big pink person, so unless they know her, they comment like "He is so cute!". Ugh. I just feel like commenting back on one of their pictures of their little girls and say something like "Sophia Grace with an oversized flower headband... so much originality!!" (Sorry if this applies to any of you)
    But I wouldn't. Ever.
    Common sense people! Keep your judgements to yourself. And forums.....

    By the way, I don't think Indie is out-there, or too hipsterish at all! Not everyone has a passion for names as we do, I just feel sorry for them, and their kids.
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