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    @lexie Thank you for your suggestions! I like Matilda, but prefer Mathilde. Rosalia is also pretty,but not as germanic/clunky as i’m looking for. Fredegund sounds pretty in German, and i love the Fre-beginning, but in Dutch the g is quite harsh and I’m not fond of that sound in a name (with Hadewych/Hadewig being the exception). Same goes for Radegund and Gertrude/Geertruida.

    @yma Thanks for the compliment and the names:
    I like Bathilde, Edelinde, Elswitha (isn’t this a smush-name?), Farahilde, Godelinde (however, i would probably never use a name with God in it, since i’m not religious), Trudeliese is really cute

    @ottilie, what a list! I like Claramond but like Rosamond the last part of the name is also the dutch word for mouth and feels a bit awkward. Elysande sounds pretty, can you tell me something about it’s origin? Estrid or Astrid is a name i quite like, but is a bit dated here.
    I love Heloise! And Rohesia is also pretty, even though it makes me think of Rhodesia Somerild/Somerilde i like, is this related to the scandinavian name Somarliðr? Thanks for the inspiration you gave me with this list!
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    Aurelia, Beatrice, Cosima, Farahilde, Ianthe, Juniper, Melisande, Juno, Lorelei, Soetkin, Vasilisa, Xanthippe

    Ramses, Midas, Erasmus/Rasmus, Rodolphe, Jasper, Rembrandt, Lloyd, Lucius, Otis, Emrys, Oberon

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