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    I think it's a balance for me. As you have to be able to say the name day after day after day, the sound of the name has to work. A nice meaning and history is also nice, but not all important. I can't use my DP's fave name Lyra, because I just don't like the sound of it, but I do like the meaning and history.

    But I really like middle names that mean something to me. I regret my sons' middle names because they just sounded nice and had no connection to us, they just feel so flat and filler to me now. Their first names also had no significance for us, but we loved the sound, meaning and background of the names so they worked.
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    Nope. Doesn't matter in the slightest. As a name nerd, I personally love hearing the stories behind the name. I was named 100% for family, as were my brothers, and I think that that's a nice tradition/reason to name your child.

    I'd rather hear that parents are putting a lot of thought and consideration into their naming choices; if you pick a name out of a hat, you don't necessarily know what the name means, any history behind it... which could be a bad thing, but at the same time it might not matter in the slightest.

    You can pick a name for whatever reason you like. Maybe you don't want to honor any family members, maybe you don't care what a name means (I know I don't, in a lot of cases. I like knowing, but it won't really turn me off of a name). And that's fine.

    I don't personally think that 'Well, it's pretty' is THE BEST reason to name your child what you named her. But it isn't malicious, it doesn't hurt anyone, and it isn't a hassle. We put so much thought and reason into our name choices because we enjoy it, it's a hobby and a fascination for us. But not everyone is like that, and that's fine. Heck, some of my names are 'just because they're pretty.' Valentine, for instance, has almost no connection to me whatsoever. nor does Helena. Or Roscoe, or Sebastien, or Dashiel. But I love them just the same, and I'd still like to use them.

    Just because I like them.

    I think I'd rather people named their kids names they like that have no real 'meaning' if they've already LOOKED for names that have meaning. It's the effort that I like. A lack of effort is annoying to me, a lack of reason is not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucialucentum View Post
    I think there's a difference between picking a name because it sounds nice, it makes your heart flutter, and you're passionate about it even though there's no personal meaning behind your choice, vs "Let's look at the top 20. Yep, Madison sounds fine. Madison it is." where there's a clear lack of research done.
    Yeah, agreed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    I'm huge on meanings, I believe that the meaning of the name you give your child is what you call them.

    I adore the sound of the name Cameron, but I would never call my child "Crooked nose", so I will never name my child Cameron. Same with Kennedy, and a bunch of other names with unfortunate meanings.

    I think it's lacking when a name is picked out just because it sounds nice, or happens to fit. But that's just me, I'm a sentimental kind of person. I place a lot of thought in pretty much everything I do.
    My favorite names are Celia and Claudio, and they don't have very good "meanings", but that doesn't mean they don't have meaning to me. Celia and Claudio are both great characters in Shakespeare's plays, and I'm kind of a theater geek. You shouldn't name your children purely by meaning though. If that was the case we'd have daycares filled with Elmers and Berthas! Who cares about ancient meanings? I don't care what Elmo means, I care that he's a red monster on Sesame Street.
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    I can't even fathom choosing a name just because it "sounds nice" with no other thought or reason put into it. That's just lazy and a complete waste of a very important opportunity.

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