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    Quote Originally Posted by naomi13 View Post
    I am so glad I posted on here, some really great suggestions!

    Added to my considering list are:
    Vivienne - Such a cute name, but I don't know about nicknames.
    Rosalind - I love all Rose names, I prefer Rosalie to Rosalind soundwise but I think Rosalind goes better with the other names.
    Georgia - I love Georgiana, but everyone tells me it is very pretentious
    Juliette - I also like Julianna, but same as above.
    Augusta - I really like this
    Cordelia - I was a buffy fan, I sort of love this name but I am not sure for some reason.
    Cecilia - I really like Cecilia, but I'm never sure on nicknames?
    Wilhelmina - I love Willa so much that I am considering this, I like it myself, but I do think other people will think it's too weird/old-fashioned...
    Ottoline - I love Ottilie as well, but always seemed a bit nicknamey
    Gwendolyn - Gwen is such a cute nickname
    Margaret - I love Maggie and Greta, but people seem to think that Margaret is too old-fashioned as well.
    Beatrice - Bea is such a cute nickname
    There are some really cute nicknames for Cecilia! Ceci/Cece, Celia, Lia. As for the Margaret thing, I think it's a classic that can stand the test of time, especially because it has endless nickname options. My sister is a Margaret who goes by Maggie, and people seem to always think her name is cute.

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    The first names that came to mind were Willow and Laurel. Have you considered those?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I really like the names on your revised list, particularly Augusta, Margaret & Beatrice. I don't think Georgiana or Julianna are pretentious either!

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    Your kids names are amazing! And you have a really great list. I was actually going to suggest Romilly before i saw that you'd mentioned it, i think it would perfect with your kids and it has the nicknames Romy and Milly.

    From your list, i love:
    Wilhelmina- a bold choice, but an awesome one. Great nickname potential (Willa, Minnie, Mina, Billie) and would sound great with your other kids names. Would work well as a middle as well.
    Vivienne- so elegant
    Georgia-but i prefer Georgiana
    Cordelia- gorgeous! I love the meaning as well, very romantic
    Ottoline- would also be perfect in the middle
    Beatrice- there is so much to love about Beatrice, i think this is my favourite from the whole list.

    Can i also suggest- Cecily, Felicity, Tabitha, Seraphine, Cosima, Lucienne
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    Rosemary came to mind - has nn Romy/ Rosie/ Mary and a real classic choice

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