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    I can't find any names I like for baby #4

    I have three LOs: Helena Freja Lucille (Hellie), Frederick Henry Elijah (Freddie), and Florence Ingrid Eliza (Indie). If baby #4 is a boy, he will be Sebastian Hugo George or Theodore Jude Hugo but I have no clue for a girls.

    I love Willa, Astrid and Lorelai/Lorelei, but I always think that Willa is just a bit too close to willy, Astrid = assturd and anytime I mention Lorelai everyone just goes on about gilmore girls. But also none of these names seem to go with the long, vaguely traditional theme I seem to have started. I used to love Matilda but I've gone off it recently for no apparent reason.

    I've been thinking of having Frida or Willa as one of the middle names, but cannot seem to think of any names I actually like as first names. The three names that I have been considering lately have been Adelaide, Avalon and Romilly, but I'm not sure I think they "go" with the other kids. Does that even matter? I am not sure, but I was a kid with a very different name (and look) to my siblings and I used to have the look people gave me when they were trying to work out if we were actually related/different dads etc.

    Anyway, any name suggestions would be very helpful; pregnancy brain seems to be preventing me from actually thinking of any right now!

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