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    I think Adelaide works best with your other children out of your options. Not sure about Willa, Astrid or Lorelai for the reasons you mention they just aren't anywhere near as classic as your other name choices.

    Other possibles for me would be:


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    I am so glad I posted on here, some really great suggestions!

    Added to my considering list are:
    Vivienne - Such a cute name, but I don't know about nicknames.
    Rosalind - I love all Rose names, I prefer Rosalie to Rosalind soundwise but I think Rosalind goes better with the other names.
    Georgia - I love Georgiana, but everyone tells me it is very pretentious
    Juliette - I also like Julianna, but same as above.
    Augusta - I really like this
    Cordelia - I was a buffy fan, I sort of love this name but I am not sure for some reason.
    Cecilia - I really like Cecilia, but I'm never sure on nicknames?
    Wilhelmina - I love Willa so much that I am considering this, I like it myself, but I do think other people will think it's too weird/old-fashioned...
    Ottoline - I love Ottilie as well, but always seemed a bit nicknamey
    Gwendolyn - Gwen is such a cute nickname
    Margaret - I love Maggie and Greta, but people seem to think that Margaret is too old-fashioned as well.
    Beatrice - Bea is such a cute nickname

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    I love your new additions

    We call our Vivienne Vivi she also get's called Vi sometimes by strangers and her big sister called her Bibienne and it kinda stuck with my sister and parents. It is a lovely name and we love it!
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    I love Adelaide with your sibset! From your new list I also love Ottoline and Wilhelmina... I think they are stunning, unusual choices that match really well with your sibset!

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    Your children have such great names! I really like Adelaide, Vivienne, Julianna (which I don't find pretentious at all), and Augusta with the rests of the sibset. I like both of the boy options you are considering as well. Willa is definitely a top contender for a middle name. Good luck! =]
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