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    How popular is too popular?

    When the new list came out, I was a little saddened by the rising popularity of some of my favorite names. Violet is now in the top 100, and Cora, Hazel, Alice, and Ivy are in the 100-200 range. In the end, I know we will choose a name we love regardless of popularity... But popularity does influence how apt I am to actually go with that name. The popularity list is not necessarily a reflection of how popular a certain name is within a specific community, too. Take Willa for example. It is by *no means* a popular name according to the SSA list, but I know three (three!!!) Willa's in my area alone. What if we choose a name that doesn't seem very popular, only for it to turn out for another to be in the same class as my kiddo?

    I'm probably worrying about this too much. Regardless of the name, there is no garuntee that my kid will be the only bearer of his/her name in our community. Honestly, I don't mind if there are one or two other kids with the same name. But three? That's pushing it.

    So I guess my question to you is this: how popular is too popular for you? Does popularity change the way you feel about a name?

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