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    Sibling for sister Bayard "Bay"

    I'd love to know which of these names you think I should keep or axe. My husband only likes Marguerite and while I like the name in theory, I don't want to use it (and he doesn't like the nickname I chose for it). Last name sounds like Sawnders.

    Boy will almost definitely be Wolf Davis.

    Carolina (caroleenuh) Talmadge
    Clementine Davis "Clemmy"
    Liesel Talmadge
    Magnolia Talmadge "Aggie"
    Marguerite Davis "Clover"
    Olympia Talmadge "Oly"
    Roseline Talmadge "Rosie"

    Nicknames don't have to be used but if they were, these are my preferences. Middles are family names.

    Please mention any flow issues as well.

    Thank you!

    ETA: I didn't mean for it to sound like he hates these names, he just wants Marguerite. I think I can sell him on one of these, that's why I haven't cut them yet.
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    Mom to 2 girls ♥ Bayard McConnell "Bay" & Marguerite Davis "Maple"

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