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    1-100: Neveah
    101-200: Londyn
    201-300: Paris
    301-400: Jazlyn
    401-500: Logan
    501-600: Annalise
    601-700: Shiloh
    701-800: Chanel or Diamond (equally horrible)
    801-900: Micah
    901-1000: Jazzlyn

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    Ava. I've never been able to get behind it. To me, it's childish and silly, although I like its cousin Eva quite a bit. (Runner up: London. Never liked city names. They just annoy me.)

    Paisley. It sounds horrible. I hate the flow of this name. Overall, terrible. (Runner up: Kinsley. It sounds too much like kidney and again, I dislike the sound.)

    Presley. It seems more like a boys name, since I would assume its being chosen in honor of Elvis Presley. Just blah. (Runner up: Yaretzi. It sounds made up and I just don't like it.)

    Fatima. It sounds really old-fashioned and I can just see the playground nicknames: Fat, Fatty, etc. (Runner up: Tatum. I hate the name Tate and this is just annoying.)

    Brittany. Trailer-trash kind of name, and remember Britney Spears? (Runner up: Bristol. Again with the place-names. Also, Bristol Palin.)

    Gracelyn. Grace is a beautiful name, why must it be desecrated with the awful -lyn? (Runner up: Journee. Journey is bad enough, but stupidly spelled Journey? Terrible. Besides, word names are just awful.)

    Braelynn. Going back to the horrors of -Lynn, how is this pronounced? Bree-Lynn? Bray-Lynn? (Runner up: Lizbeth. Elizabeth is beautiful and classic, name her Elizabeth, call her Lizbeth.)

    Mercedes. It's a car, not a name. Maybe it was a name, but now it's a car. (Runner up: Diamond. It's again, a white-trash kind of name.)

    Campbell. Campbell noodle soup, anyone? (Runner up: Luz. It sounds like a nickname.)

    America. Patrisotism at it's worst. (Runner up: Devyn. Devin is a boys name. You can't add a y-a stupid trend- and make it a girls name. Myke is not a girls name.)

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    1 - 100: Addison, Aaliyah, Trinity, Piper
    101 - 200: Penelope, Aliyah, Izabella, Alaina, Jayla, Kinsley, Kinley, Aniyah, Londyn, Hayden, Adalyn
    201 - 300: Alayna, Emery, Ximena, Adelyn, Adeline, Adalynn, Emerson, Arabella, Athena, Ayla, Addyson, Teagan, Emelia, Alina, Kaydence, Paris, Alondra, Lyric, Giuliana, Yaretzi
    301 - 400: Fatima, Parker, Heaven, Brynlee, Journey, Nyla, Tatum, Elaina, Ainsley, Raelynn, Adelaide, Malia, Esmerelda, Jazmin, Jayda, Addisyn, Fernanda, Maliyah, Jazlyn, Guadalupe, Emely, Anya, Julissa
    401 - 500: Brylee, Jayleen, Kailey, Arya, Sarai, Miracle, Kaelyn, Aleah, Janelle, Katelynn, Kaylie, Itzel, Haven, Michaela, Janiyah, Audrina, Dayana, Nylah, Braelyn, Raelyn, Perla, Aniya, Logan, Averie, Jaylah, Aylin, Adelynn, Jaliyah, Jaelynn, Anaya, Cataleya, Sloane, Ada, Alanna, Kailyn, Brinley, Kenley,
    501 - 600: Amira, Aileen, Gracelyn, Kennedi, Skyla, Dylan, Aleena, Tenley, Maeve, Kaliyah, Braylee, Emilee, Ariella, Jaelynn, Madilynn, Estrella, Nataly, Malaysia, Zoie, Amani, Dulce, Aisha, Jaylee, Alani, Kiah, Yareli, Jaylynn, Litzy, Aliya, Madyson
    601 - 700: Liberty, Braelynn, Myah, Lizbeth, Ryan, Jazlynn, Arely, Mariam, Emersyn, Kaylynn, Amelie, Lylah, Sherlyn, Bria, Zuri, Paityn, Alayah, Janiya, Noemi, Mariyah, Maryam, Saniyah, Armani, Jaylene, Addilynn, Amina, Ansley, Kaitlynn
    701 - 800: Adelina, Briley, Lailah, Mercedes, Chaya, Bryanna, Taliyah, Ayleen, Kensley, Reyna, Adley, Amirah, Aryana, Alena, Kynlee, Renata, Ayanna, Jaylin, Alia, Cherish, Abril, Jolie, Yaritza, Zariyah, Audriana, Jayde, Jaida, Malaya, Myann, Paloma, Yamileth, Elin, Kaiya
    801 - 900: Averi, Janae, Zaniyah, Nathaly, Ariah, Samiyah, Hadassah, Maritza, Keyla, Charlize, Alannah, Taraji, Aleigha, Alyvia, Aviana, Bryleigh, Luz, Ayana, Lilyanna, Azaria, Moriah, Aliza, Juniper, Abrielle, Elissa, Saanvi, Yesenia
    901 - 1000: Dallas, America, Sariyah, Azalea, Lillyana, Brisa, Kaelynn, Miya, Annalee, Kaylyn, Araceli, Jakayla, Avianna, Kaylen, Raylee, Kailynn, Jazzlyn, Zahra, Akira, Collins, Azariah, Laurel, Kylah, Tinley, Sloan, Riya, Izabelle, Aya, Dalilah, Analia, Landry, Ashtyn

    Most of these I just find horribly trendy or awfully spelled. Nothing against any of these names except the fact that they're just not my style!

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    You'll probably notice my least favorite names are either invented spellings (specifically the overuse of "lyn"/"lynn" and "leigh"/"lee") or names that I imagine a stripper might have. A girl's name HAS to pass the stripper test. (no offense intended)

    1-100 Neveah (runners up: Brooklyn, KayLee, Genesis & Skylar)
    101-200 Destiny (runners up: Brooklynn & Londyn)
    201-300 Kaydence (runners up: Kyleigh, Addyson, Raegan)
    301-400 Julissa (runners up: Cheyenne, Heaven, Journey, Bayleigh, Addisyn, Jazlyn, Emely)
    401-500 Janiyah (runners up: Madisyn, Brylee, Jayleen, Miracle, Braelyn, Raelyn, Madalyn, Kaydance)
    501-600 Journee (runners up: Litzy, Gracelyn, Lauryn, Jaylynn, Madyson, Liberty)
    601-700 Jazzlyn, (runners up: Armani, Gracelynn, Emersyn, Kaylynn, Paityn, Charleigh, Mariyah, Janessa, Braelynn)
    701-800 Destinee (runners up: Ryann, Kaleigh, Charli, Briley, Paislee, Karsyn, Rylan, Aubri, Cherish, Jayde, Jordynn, Diamond)
    801-900 Aleigha (runners up: Averi, Kyndall, Krystal, Kairi)
    901-1000 Harlee (runners up: Dallas, America, Emmalynn, Kaelynn, Haleigh, Kendyl, Kyndal, Kylah)

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    1-100 - Neveah
    101-200 - Aniyah
    201-300 - Yaretzi
    301-400 - Fatima
    401-500 - Miracle
    501-600 - Justice
    601-700 - Jazlynn
    701-800 - Diamond
    801-900 - Dixie
    901-1000 - Geraldine

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