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    Kennedy - I just can't get over the meaning. Who calls their kid a name meaning "misshapen head"? (Runner up Neveah)

    Kinsley/Kinley- Too cutesy. Runners up: Paisley and Alana

    Lexi (Runners up Presley, Paris and Kaydence)

    Brynlee (Runners up: Heaven, Journey, Haylee and Ainsley)

    Braelyn (Runners up: Kaelyn, Raelyn, Mckinley, Kenley, & Madisyn)

    Tenley (Runners up: Jaylee, Jaelynn, Whitney, Blakely, & Justice)

    Armani (Runners up: Aiyana, Janessa, Paityn & Ryan)

    Cherish (Runners up: Diamond, Destinee, Kimora, Chanel, & Kensley)

    Janae (Runners up: Aubrianna, Abrielle, Bryleigh, Charliza & Zaniyah)

    Jakayla (Runners up: Aubrielle, Tinley, Collins, Harlee & Alaysia)
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    1-100: Nevaeh
    101-200: Londyn
    201-300: Adalynn
    301-400: Raelynn
    401-500: Jayleen
    501-600: Jaylynn
    601-700: Jazlynn
    701-800: Kynlee
    801-900: Aubrianna
    901-1000: Jakayla

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    1-100: Madison - I just have an irrational hatred of this name. Runners-up: Nevaeh and Khloe
    101-200: Londyn - I don't think you understand how vowels work. Runners-up: Makenzie/Mckenzie
    201-300: Addyson - Can we please just stop with the random Ys? Runners-up: Leslie and Yaretzi (just don't like how it looks)
    301-400: Amiyah - Amaya just looks so much prettier. Runners-up: Jazmin(e) and Heaven
    401-500: Aylin - Sounds like "ailing". Runners-up: Miracle, Janiyah/Jaliyah, Cataleya
    501-600: Malaysia - I really think there are nicer places to name your kid after. Runners-up: Justice and Anahi
    601-700: Sherlyn - Alternative to the dated Shirley? Runners-up: Braelynn and Armani
    701-800: Diamond - I've known 2 little girls named this, but I still roll my eyes every time. Runners-up: Destinee and Zariyah
    801-900: Avah - Why the silent H? Why? Runners-up: Zaniyah and Campbell (because of the soup)
    901-1000: Kendyl - Again, I don't think you understand how vowels work. Runners-up: Collins and Analia (anything with "anal" in the spelling... no.)
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Most of my worst name picks are more like "sounds" smashed together rather than "real" names. Many of them don't travel well into adulthood because they're so overly cutesy and childish. Some have weird and/or multiple spellings or are just cheesy.

    1-100: Brooklyn and Nevaeh

    101-200: Paisley and Brooklynn

    201-300: Lexi, Kayleith, Kaydence, Kyleigh, Raegan, Lyric

    301-400: Haylee, Heaven, Brynlee, Baylee, Ainsley, Raelynn, Camryn, Jazmin, Kamryn, Jayden, Charlee, Jazlyn

    401-500: Brylee, Jayleen, Miracle, Kaelyn, Bristol, Braelyn, Raelyn, Jaylah, Aylin, Jaelyn, Kailyn, Caylee,

    501-600: Emmalyn, Gracelyn, Braylee, Jaycee, Jaelynn, Madilynn, Malaysia, Jaylee, Kayden, Journee, Jaylynn, Litzy,

    601-700: Braelynn, Shayla, Jazlynn, Gracelynn, Emersyn, Kaylynn, Paitynn, Joslyn, Charleigh, Armani, Jayleen, Karlee, Addilyn, Kaitlynn

    701-800: Mckayla, Paislee, Ayleen, Karsyn, Kailee, Rylan, Kynlee, Jaylin, Carlee, Aubri, Jordynn, Destinee, Kaleigh,

    801-900: Emmalee, Kyndall, Keyla, Dixie, Aleigha, Alyvia, Bryleigh

    901-1000: Emmalynn, Annalee, Kaelynn, Libby, Kaylyn, Evalyn, Jakayla, Kaylen, Bayleigh, Kailynn, Harlee, Jazzlyn, Scarlette, Kendyl, Kylah, Cailyn, Gisselle, Devyn, Analia, Hayleigh, Ashtyn, Jessa
    This was particularly painful to read through, yet I couldn't look away. I agree that these are all terrible and its hard to believe that so many people think they're attractive names. Most of them don't even seem real! The trendy/misspellings are so bad!! *Shudders* Guess I don't have to make a list, this one nailed it!

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    worst: Kaylee or Aubree
    best: Olivia or Evelyn

    worst: Aniyah (I mean, what if she's late) or Valeria (malaria)
    best: Clara or Brielle (I know it's trendy and dumb but I still like it)

    worst: Addyson & Kaydence (horrible)
    best: Lyric and Fiona

    worst: Emely & Crystal
    best: Bianca & Noelle (so pretty!)

    worst: Brinley & MIracle
    best: Priscilla and Holly

    worst: Kennedi & Journee
    best: Eve & Gwendolyn

    worst: Charleigh (omg! I've never seen that one before!)
    best: Liberty & Nova

    worst: Paislee & Karsyn
    best: Lorelai & Corinne

    worst: Kyndall and I agree that Elliot is horrid
    best: Lilith & Juniper

    worst: Collins & Jazzlyn (there are several variations of this and I don't like any of them)
    best: Everly
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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