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    Coming down to the wire on names!

    Hi all! I'm new here on the forum. Hubby and I are expecting our #2 in a month. We do not know the gender and are busily narrowing down choices for boys and girls. Our boy name will most likely be Jude Robert (robert is DH name). Our 5 year old is a girl named Mila Eileen. We are having a hard time choosing between the following girl names, as we both are in agreement in choices , but can't decide on combos. I'm in need of some MN suggestions. Thoughts or suggestions for our girl combos? Many thanks!

    Ivy Aurelia
    Ivy Evangeline
    Aurelia Evangeline
    Aurelia Mireille
    Aurelia Eve
    Aurelia Amelie
    *Isla Aurelia (wildcard, as we have kind of ruled out the name Isla, but throwing it in there anyway)

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