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    What comes to mind when you hear these names?

    Here are some of my current favorites..
    What first comes to mind when you hear these names? Which is your favorite?

    Cecily-Different and refreshing but still a classic. Absolutely adore this <3. Love the nickname Ceci - short E sound. I don't like Cecilia and I'm not crazy about Celia either.

    Ivy-Simple, sweet and ages well. Reminds me of Christmas time Can't seem to get past the whole I-V reference though. Am I just being silly?

    Violet-Elegant and spunky. I love it! Not very popular where I live either. Love the nickname Vi.

    Fiona-This is a gorgeous name. Love the nickname Fi and FiFi. I just can't seem to get past the stupid Shrek association. Thoughts?

    Julianna or Juliette?-Which do you prefer? I would pronounce Julianna with a long A. Have always had a soft spot in my heart for these names. Love the nickname Jewels. Hubby just can't get on board with it. He says he hates J names for some reason. Silly huh?

    Ella-Conjures up images of an enchanted princess but it's just SO popular. Also, although it is a name on its own, it does seem like it'd be perceived more of as a nickname for a longer name like Gabriella.

    Susannah-Classic and vintage. Love Sanna for a nickname.

    Flora-Some days I love it, others I hate it.

    I look forward to your responses

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