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    What comes to mind when you hear these names?

    Here are some of my current favorites..
    What first comes to mind when you hear these names? Which is your favorite?

    Cecily-Different and refreshing but still a classic. Absolutely adore this <3. Love the nickname Ceci - short E sound. I don't like Cecilia and I'm not crazy about Celia either.

    Ivy-Simple, sweet and ages well. Reminds me of Christmas time Can't seem to get past the whole I-V reference though. Am I just being silly?

    Violet-Elegant and spunky. I love it! Not very popular where I live either. Love the nickname Vi.

    Fiona-This is a gorgeous name. Love the nickname Fi and FiFi. I just can't seem to get past the stupid Shrek association. Thoughts?

    Julianna or Juliette?-Which do you prefer? I would pronounce Julianna with a long A. Have always had a soft spot in my heart for these names. Love the nickname Jewels. Hubby just can't get on board with it. He says he hates J names for some reason. Silly huh?

    Ella-Conjures up images of an enchanted princess but it's just SO popular. Also, although it is a name on its own, it does seem like it'd be perceived more of as a nickname for a longer name like Gabriella.

    Susannah-Classic and vintage. Love Sanna for a nickname.

    Flora-Some days I love it, others I hate it.

    I look forward to your responses

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    I didn't read any of your commentary, just so I'd have my own thoughts first, rather than being swayed by your feelings off the bat.

    Cecily- I love this! I think it's one of those "uncommon but familiar" names, so I like that.
    Ivy- I love Ivy… I love Iris more, but Ivy is very sweet.
    Violet- it's nice, but has never really done much for me. I've always preferred Viola (well, until I started learning Spanish).
    Fiona- I've always liked Fiona. I was in grade 3 with a girl named Fiona and it stuck with me. I think it's nice.
    Julianna- it's nice, I like it, it's very stable and timeless.
    Ella- doesn't interest me, sorry. Plus, with it being a Spanish word, that puts me off it, too. I remember when David Bisbal named his daughter Ella a couple years ago, most people I talked to in Spain thought it was ridiculous, even though it's such a common English name. It's a fine name, obviously very well-liked, but it hadn't really caught my interest.
    Susannah- I like Susannah a lot! My friend and I had to pretend to be Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie in grade 12 history, and both names quickly made their way on to my list.
    Flora- I LOVED Flora last year I still really like it! It's very sweet, it's old-lady, and I love that, and I think of the Babar character (not a bad thing at all, and apparently if my SO and I ever have a daughter, her name will be Celeste because that's what he's IN LOVE with and I'm not overly passionate about any girl names. There are some great names in Babar, lol). Flora is great!

    ETA: I missed Juliette. I like Julianna and Juliette equally, honestly.
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    Thought I'd answer, and then read your opinions on the names.

    Cecily - pretty, but not great. Really don't like the nickname CeCe.
    Ivy - Really nice, sweet, but maybe a bit too short, there really isn't much to the name. This girl could never be a doctor, she might say get me an I.V. which is exactly what her name is, which would be confusing. Still, a pretty name that I really like.
    Violet - Nice, but I think Violet's on it's way down. It peaked a few years ago, and in my opinion, doesn't sound as fresh and pretty as other names.
    Fiona - Really nice name that will last her whole life, something she can put on a job application. One problem, is there are no real nicknames.
    Julianna - too many vowels, too "wet/thick" a sound for my taste.
    Juliette - Very pretty, Prefer this spelling to the Juliet spelling.
    Ella - Nice, sweet name. Reminds me of Ella Enchanted.
    Susannah - Same as Julianna, but not as bad.
    Flora - Cute, pretty, love this name!
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    Cecily- I really don't like this name. The sound reminds me of a squealing pig.
    Ivy- I think this is really pretty. It does remind me of poison ivy, and if it makes you think of IV than I say you should pass on it. Iris, maybe?
    Violet- How can you go wrong with this name? Really pretty and sweet.
    Fiona- I'm with you on the Shrek thing. Beautiful name, but I think of green ogres. I love Fiora more, anyway.
    Julianna- Really pretty! I like it. Not as beautiful as Juliette, though.
    Juliette?- Oh, JULIETTE is a winner! I think it is so much lovelier than Julianna. It has something special that Julianna doesn't have, in my opinion.
    Ella- It is really popular. I think Etta is so much better- vintage, sassy, unpopular yet familiar...
    Susannah- This is my favorite on your list by a significant margin. Absolutely GORGEOUS.
    Flora- My 2nd favorite. I lovelovelove this, but if you keep going back and forth on it, maybe it's not for you.
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    Cecily- love it, makes me think of a prim, proper upper-class British girl (which is a good image to me)
    Ivy- a bit short and insubstsantial. I never thought of the I-V thing until I saw it on Nameberry (and still don't unless someone else brings it up)
    Violet- harsh and grating to me, but a Nameberry favourite
    Fiona- growing on me. grounded and no-frills but still feminine
    Julianna/Juliette- very sweet and pretty, but my favourite is the more streamlined Juliet
    Ella- I also see it as a nickname. maybe Arabella (though trending up), Penelope (same), Helena, Elina (uh-leen-ah), etc.
    Susannah- this name feels so spunky and fun
    Flora- I like it as a nickname for Florence, but it's a bit cutesy on its own
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