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    I wouldn't be comfortable using a Doppler continually on my foetus. Dopplers use sound waves and I don't believe it's totally safe to expose your foetus to this on a regular basis throughout pregnancy.
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    Thank you again, very much, everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate the thoughts and opinions, and especially the people who have had experience with a doppler firsthand! Nameberry is generally so wonderful for thoughtful, respectful conversations, I just love it. There are so many baby sites out there where it's all about drama and craziness - and I'm already so stressed out, I really couldn't deal with that too.

    We are still thinking it over and discussing it. We've done all the research, there's absolutely nothing that conclusively shows it could harm the baby. And it's not anything we would be doing "continuously" - I'm thinking never more than once a week, and even that wouldn't be necessary once the baby starts moving on his/her own and I can feel that it's ok. This would just be something to get thru the next month or two - after you've already lost one, the early months are literally hell (as many of you already know). Stress isn't good for baby either so the reassurance that comes from hearing the heart beat could certainly benefit all of us. But we may not order one - hubby comes home from work today so we'll finally be able to talk it over face to face instead of on the phone.

    Thanks again for all of your posts!

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    For all who are worried about the possible pernicious effects of Doppler waves-- there are none. You best not live on planet Earth if you want to keep your developing baby free from exposure to sound waves, as they are constantly emitted (by the earth itself, by broadcast communications, by everything within audible range that actually makes a sound). Sound waves of all frequencies penetrate tissue just fine (after all, your baby can hear in the womb) and there are no deleterious effects, nor do they 'move things' unless they are of earthquake magnitude. Supposing otherwise is the worst kind of ungrounded fearmongering.
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    I'm pretty uneducated on this as I never brought one and never had any interest in one, but my friend used one and couldn't find the heartbeat and ended up panicking, thinking there was something wrong with the baby. Her baby was fine but it doesn't seem worth the stress if you can't find a heartbeat.. I can't say I wouldn't panic if I couldn't find one either, to be honest. It's your decision though, obviously.

    I hadn't heard that they could harm the baby? I would say that it's pretty unlikely because tons of people use them and have healthy babies.
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    I hear the concern straight after a loss, but I know for me it would cause me even more stress.

    Since my loss at over 7 months I've realized that for myself, the less I know the better. The more I feel less in control, the more I feel that there is a greater and higher being taking care of and monitoring the situation. In fact, I haven't even looked at sonogram screens in subsequent pregnancies because I don't like the potential of seeing that something is wrong.

    I do go for more regular visits to the doctor to have her check up on things, but my feeling has become 'In between visits and hearing heartbeats hearing that the fetus is healthy, I cannot control or do anything to influence whether this becomes a loss or not.' Stepping back has long since helped me regain my sanity and drop the pessimism that went hand-in-hand with pregnancy for me.

    I wish you luck with whatever you choose to do, and learn to relax in whatever way is best for you.
    May things go well!

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