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Thread: Quiz for Kids

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    Quiz for Kids

    A fun little quiz game.

    You - Choose a first name that has meaning to you. Middle name is 2-4 letters long.
    Partner - Any name. Name is 4-7 letters long.

    1. You are from;
    a) Europe - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    b) North America - you adopt a gorgeous little puppy.
    c) South America - you decide to move to a new city. why?
    d) Africa - you welcome a set of beautiful twins. genders your choice.
    e) Asia - you decide to move to a new country. why?
    f) Oceania - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.

    NAMES -

    Girls - Audrey, Ella, Louisa, Celeste, James, Harper, Avery, Eden, Emelia, Madeline, Mackinlee, Emily, Ava, Zara, Sophia, Grace, May, Ines, Isadora, Bethany.

    Boys - Harper, Jackson, Axle, Dorion, Dean, Julian, Oscar, Leonardos, Flynn, Finley, John, Rocco, Cameron, Miguel, Manuel, Tobias, Nicolas, Odafin, Dominic, Rafael.

    Puppy - Digger, Tucker, Maggie, Kimba, Babushka, Inigo, Kalua, Felix, Luna, Molly

    You choose city or country.

    2. Favourite Ice Cream Flavour
    a) Mint Choc Chip - You welcome a beautiful new baby. (If you had one already, opposite gender. If you didn't it's a boy)
    b) Strawberry - You decide to change careers and vein studying.
    c) Caramel - Your partner gets a promotion.
    d) Rainbow - You welcome a beautiful baby girl
    e) other - you move. (if you moved before, you now swap countries. if you didn't, different city)

    NAMES -

    Girls - Anyanka, Willow, Dawn, Destiny, Hope, Eliza, Amber, Alyson, Elodie, Katarina, Elpheba, Gloria, Gina, Monica, Penelope, Reese, Katie, Annalise, Reegan, Tatum.

    Boys - William, Thomas, Ty, Taj, Cruz, William, Wyatt, Timothy, Daniel, Milo, Brody, Cooper, Lucas, Simon, Jake, Lionel, Ronald, Dashiell, Christopher, Kelly.

    CAREER - Cop, Paramedic, Education Related, Engineer, Paediatrician, Orthodontics, Lawyer, Events Management, Hospitality.

    3. You are
    a) 18 or under - life event of your choice.
    b) 19 to 25 - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    c) 26 to 30 - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    d) 31 to 35 - you welcome a set of beautiful twin boys.
    e) 36 to 40 - you welcome a set of beautiful twin girls.
    f) 40 + - you welcome a set of multiples. you choose how many.


    Girls - Ava, Bridie, Tessa, Holly, Indigo, Emme, Liliana, Ellen, Elsie, Nikita, Lola, Lulu, Kitty, Kaia, Jennifer, Jenna, Daniella, Deloros, Lavender, Natalia.

    Boys - Levi, Andrew, Greyson, Benjamin, Kevin, Keith, Liam, Owen, Isaac, River, Oliver, Tex, Archer, Harrison, Kai, Todd, Patrick, Edmund, Frederick, Vincent.

    4. you have
    a) 0 or 1 sibling - you go on an interstate family holiday.
    b) 2 or 3 siblings - you go on an international family holiday.
    c) 3 or 4 siblings - you adopt a beautiful 2 year old. Name comes from where you adopted.
    d) more than 4 siblings - you choose from the above.

    5. You have
    a) blonde hair - your home burns down and though 3 of the family were inside, everyone is okay after a brief hospital visit.
    b) brown hair - A member of your family becomes ill and you provide care.
    c) black hair - You and your partner start having issues.
    d) other - You become ill.

    6. your first pet was
    a) a dog - things get worse. (The house fire was intentional, the family member passes away, you and your partner split or you get bad news)
    b) a cat - things get better. (The house is almost rebuilt. The family member is better or no worse. You and your husband sought things out. you get good news)
    c) bird - you get bad news.
    d) Rabbit - you get good news
    e) other - you welcome a beautiful new baby


    Girls - Rebecca, Kaylin, Alexa, Olivia, Cadence, Kelly, Sasha, Maeve, Isla, Georgia, Tabitha, Matilda, Charlotte, Lucille, Amanda, Samantha, Elizabeth, Sadie, Keegan, Stevie.

    Boys - Cohen, Elliot, George, Jacoby, James, Hunter, Hayden, Kyle, Ryan, Rylan, Quentin, Samson, Elijah, Gabriel, Jensen, Jared, Henry, Tyrese, Kendall, Courtney.

    7. your favourite show
    a) is SVU or Criminal Minds - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    b) is Glee or Baby Daddy - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    c) is Castle or Forever - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    d) is any of the NCIS's - you welcome a beautiful baby girl.
    e) is Chicago PD or Fire - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    f) is Once Upon a Time or Supernatural - you welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    g) is more than one of the above - you welcome a set of beautiful twins. Genders go with the shows.
    h) is not listed - you welcome a beautiful little set of kittens into your family.


    Girls - Miranda, Mariska, Penelope, Andrea, Mercedes, Emma, Bonnie, Riley, Kate, Martha, Alana, Kensi, Abby, Zoe, Gabriella, Lindsay, Mary-Margaret, Regina, Ruby and Lilith.

    Boys - Donald, Brian, Derek, Spencer, Kurt, Noah, Tucker, Benjamin, Javier, Richard, Henry, Lucas, Leroy, Jethro, Callen, Eric, Dwayne, Sebastian, Matthew, Joe, Jay, Antonio, Killian, David, Sam and Lucifer.

    Kittens - Castiel, Milo, Otis, Buddha, Norbert, Hagrid, Ron, Godric, Nessie, Fleur, Dobby, Olive, Maggie, Millie.

    8. your name starts with
    a) A to E - you go on a family holiday to Disneyland in Florida.
    b) F to J - you go on a family holiday to Harry Potter World.
    c) K to O - you go on a family vacation to the snow.
    d) P to T - you and your partner go on a second honeymoon.
    e) U to Y - you go on a solo trip or a trip with your best friend. If you are single you meet a new man.
    f) Z - you welcome a beautiful baby boy. name your choice.

    9. you prefer
    a) tea - if you met a man, you introduce him to your children and get engaged. If not, you renovate your house.
    b) coffee - you move homes. why?
    c) juice or other - life is uneventful.

    10. you have
    a) a dog - if you are engaged you get married. If not you renew your vows.
    b) a cat - if you are engaged you elope. If not nothing happens.
    c) a bird - if you are engaged you and your fiancee move in together with your children and his 3 sons. Named after TV/Movie Characters. If not then you adopt an animal, same naming rules.
    d) other - your choice of above.

    11. your country of birth starts with
    a) A-C - your youngest (son if you have one) gets diagnosed with either severe Asthma or Allergies resulting in Anaphylaxis.
    b) D-F - your second youngest (son if you have one) gets diagnosed with an illness relating to his kidneys.
    c) G-I - your youngest (daughter if you have one) gets diagnosed with a heart related illness.
    d) J-L - your eldest (daughter if you have one) is diagnosed with a silent illness.
    e) M-O - one of your children is diagnosed with is diagnosed with cancer.
    f) P-R - one of your children gets diagnosed with a brain related illness.
    g) S-U - one of your children is diagnosed with a tumour. They need surgery but thankfully it is determined to be benign.
    h) W-Z - one of your children becomes very ill but doctors struggle to find out why.

    12. you have
    a) Asthma or Allergies - after multiple hospital visits, things are looking up for your child.
    b) Kidney related illness - gets worse before it gets better.
    c) Heart related illness - your child is feeling much better but there are complications.
    d) Silent illness - your child is well but unfortunately two more of your children are diagnosed with silent illnesses too.
    e) Have had or are fighting cancer - months of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and either transfusions or transplants and you get the all clear. Your child is in remission.
    f) brain related illness - your child is as healthy as the illness allows or is back to full health.
    g) other - everyone is perfectly healthy.

    13. what colour clothes are you wearing
    a) Blue/Green- after the year you've had you take the family on holiday.
    b) Pink/Purple - after the year you've had you move cities to start over.
    c) Silver/Grey - after the year you've had you take some time off work to spend with the kids.
    d) Black/Brown - after the year you've had you are thrilled to welcome a beautiful baby boy.
    e) Multiple colours - 2 of the above.


    Boys - Albert, Mac, Lyle, Dennis, Hugh, Theo, Parker, Carter, Adam, Eli, Rohan, Fergus, Edward, Rory, Trenton, Travis, Tristan, Isiaah, Peter, Nathan.

    14. you have
    a) brothers - you welcome beautiful twin boys.
    b) sisters - you welcome beautiful twin girls.
    c) both - you have multiples to the amount and gender of your siblings.


    Girls - Evelyn/Eveline, Evangeline, Missy, Taylor, Sailor, Saraya, Amalia, Amaya, Josephine, Rosalie, Katherine, Violet, Milla, Claire, Clara, Henrietta, Nell, Scout, Tali and Rumor.

    Boys - Thomas, Samuel, Hugo, Jackson, Xavier, Levi, Xander, Zane, Zaydon, Zeke, Anders, Bartholomew, Alec, Alexander, Justin, Mackenzie, Wallace, Terence, Jesse, Kaden.

    15. you have
    a) been to comic con - you welcome a beautiful new baby. Surprise!! the middle name is after the celebrity you are crushing on right now.
    c) been to another celebrity featured event - your life feels complete.
    d) both - you choose.
    e) neither - you welcome another addition. You choose whether that is a beautiful new baby or a pet. Naming rules apply to both.

    Life is nothing like you imagined but beyond your wildest dreams.

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    Nora Lily Dawson
    Carson Beau Dawson

    1- We adopt a black lab named Tucker.
    2- Change careers: I begin studying for a career in event management.
    3- Welcome twins! One boy and one girl. (Ava Lavender Dawson & Owen River Dawson)
    4- We go on a trip to Paris.
    5- Our home burns down and though 3 of the family were inside, everyone is okay after a brief hospital visit.
    6- We welcome a beautiful new baby boy. (Hunter James Dawson)
    7- We welcome a baby girl. (Ruby Kate Dawson)
    8- Second honeymoon to Australia.
    9- We move to the suburbs so the kids can go to a good school.
    10- We renew our vows.
    11- Hunter has a tumor (thankfully benign) and is okay after undergoing surgery.
    12- Everyone is healthy.
    13- We welcome a baby boy (Theo Carter Dawson)
    14- We welcome twins- a boy and a girl. (Amalia Scout Dawson and Alexander Kaden Dawson)
    15- Complete

    Ava Lavender (12)
    Owen River (12)
    Hunter James (9)
    Ruby Kate (8)
    Theo Carter (2)
    Amalia Scout (1)
    Alexander Kaden (1)
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Me - Victoria Kate Holmstrom
    Partner - Charles Thomas Holmstrom

    1.) We adopt a gorgeous little puppy named Maggie and live in Stockholm, Sweden.
    2.) We move to Solna, Sweden.
    3.) We welcome a beautiful baby girl named Emme Ava
    4.) We go on an interstate family holiday.
    5.) A member of the family becomes ill and we provide care.
    6.) Things got better. The family member is recovering.
    7.) We welcome a beautiful little set of kittens into the family.
    8.) We go on a second honeymoon.
    9.) Life is uneventful.
    10.) Nothing happens.
    11.) Emme is diagnosed with a tumor. She needs surgery, but thankfully it is determined to be benign.
    12.) Everyone is perfectly healthy.
    13.) We move to Uppsala, Sweden.
    14.) We welcome twin boys, Alexander Bartholomew and Thomas Anders
    15.) Our life feels complete.
    Girls - Charlotte, Victoria, Piper, Anais, Isolde, Rosalind, Saskia, Imogene, Estelle, Cornelia, Adair, Josephine, Scarlett, Minerva, Louisa, Eloise, Anastasia, Lavinia, Evelyn, Ariane, Carolina, Adelina, Karen, Sophia, Ksenia, Leonore, Malin, Ewa, Annika, Sunniva, Sanna, Audra, Maren, Eleanor, Calla
    Boys - Daniel, Edward, Owen, Theodore, Henry, Thomas, Walter

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    1- We adopt a puppy named Atlantic
    2- We move to Anna Maria Island, Florida
    3- We have twins!
    DD1- Isla Marina Ocean
    DS1- Reef Neptune Ocean
    4- We adopt a 2 year old from Hawaii
    ADS2- Kai Mahi Ocean
    5- I become I'll with cancer
    6- I get bad news that I may never become well enough to surf again
    7- We have a girl
    DD2- Sunny Mariska Ocean
    8- We go on a trip to Disney world
    9- We renovate our beach house, building a new deck and dock
    10- We renew our vows
    11- Sunny has a tumor, but they find it to be benign
    12- Both Sunny and I are healthy once again
    13- We go on a cruise to the Caribbean and have a baby boy
    DS3- Mako Dune Ocean
    14- We have triplets
    DD3- Coral Cerulean Ocean
    DS4- Marlin Jetty Ocean
    DS5- Tide Baja Ocean
    15- We get a puppy named Pacific

    ADS2- Kai Mahi Ocean (14)
    DD1/DS2- Isla Marina Ocean/ Reef Neptune Ocean (13)
    DD2- Sunny Mariska Ocean (8)
    DS3- Mako Dune Ocean (2)
    DD3/DS4/DS5- Coral Cerulean Ocean/ Marlin Jetty Ocean/ Tide Baja Ocean (1)

    Atlantic (14)
    Pacific (0)

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    West Midlands, UK
    Mum: Mary Blue
    Dad: Rafferty Isaac

    We welcome a son: Tobias Flynn

    We move from the city of Worcester, Worcestershire to Torquay, Devon.

    We adopt a puppy (miniature, long-haired Dachshund) and name him Achilles.

    We go on a two-week holiday to Finland.

    My mother becomes ill and she moves in so I can provide care.

    My mum dies not-so-suddenly. It was expected but still a hard blow.

    We welcome an adorable set of kittens; three to be exact. Nessie - white and grey tabby. Norbert - ginger and white tabby. And Olive - dark brown tabby.

    We go on a family holiday to ski in France.

    We renovate the house.

    Raf and I renew our wedding vows.

    Tobias develops pyelonephritis or kidney infection, he is treated in hospital with a course of antibiotics for a few days.

    Tobias recovers and we go on holiday to Canada. Also I give birth to another son: Albert Carter.

    16 months after Albert, I have twins: Henrietta Scout and Alexander Kaden.

    We get another dog, a black and white Labrador-collie mix called Scarlett.

    "May (34) and Raf (32) with: Tobias (13), Alby (2), Hennie & Lex (12mo); plus Achilles (11), Nessie & Bertie & Livvy (7), and Scarlett (3)."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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