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    Josie: I totally agree with exactly what you said. It is rising in popularity, but yet is still such a sweet old name. Not entirely sure I like the flow of Josie Heather, but love the family-ness of it.
    Heather: It feels dated as a first name, but I think you could do something really cute with it in the middle! It's sweet.
    Laura: I think Laura is one of those names that won't stand out as too dated, but isn't popular. It has a sweet charm to it (thinking Little House). I prefer Lauren myself, but still like Laura.
    Madeleine: I have never been a fan of this name, but do like Laura Madeleine together.
    Ruth: My grandma's name, so of course I love it! I am really digging Josie Ruth. Looking at your signature, Ruth Aurelia is pretty too.

    I think names like Grace, Eve/Eva, Lena, Elizabeth/Eliza, and the ever-popular Charlotte fit well with your style. Ranging further afield, I like things like Liana or Penelope/Penny or maybe Johanna or Amelia?

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    Madeleine is my favorite but I like Laura too! Josie is a sweet nickname for Josephine which I love.
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    Thank you everyone! Keep them coming.

    Jude, blackbird.

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    i really like Josephine and you could use Josie as a nickname. Heather and Madeleine are both beautiful names! those are my top 3

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    Josephine nn Josie is okay, but I don't like it as a full name. Madeleine would probably be my favourite from your list. Laura is also nice, but the rest I don't care for.
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