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    Today we decided to add Boone to our list. It means a blessing which we both like. It's my husbands idea, so that helps. We are high school sweet hearts from Oklahoma. Since we've been married we've not been in one place longer than 2 or 3 years and don't have any real reason to go back. We live in AZ and are moving to Boston in August... With that being said we've been thinking about coming up with a good "okie" name. We like, Woody, Norman, Boone, Airo and Wylie, but Boone is feeling really good. We really like the O in Orson's name but don't want an O theme for our children... What do you think of these names? I think Boone Parker Luck sounds pretty terrific.

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    I like Boone on its own, but not with Luck. Since Luck is an everyday English word meaning, well, 'luck,' and a boon is a lucky blessing, or a gift, it's kind of redundant.

    I think Wylie is a great Okie name and pairs well with Orson (brings Orson down to earth a bit).
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    I like Nolan Parker!

    I also really like Arlo from your list.

    I like Ingram but really mostly for the nn Gram. Ingram does flow really nicely with Parker.

    I also like Grady and Wilder.
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    That's good feedback. Thanks. Seems like Arlo is a favorite from our list... I'm not really digging the heavy L sound. Arlo Luck... I love Arlo, Arliss, Hollis, Wylie, love Lazslo, but I think with the last name Luck we're better off looking beyond the L sounds.

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