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    A brother for Orson Chandler Luck

    We are about three weeks away from our due date and we are stumped on what to name our little boy. Our son Orson's name is very meaningful to my husband and I it means bear, wild man of the woods, and Chandler is my maiden name. We had chosen the name Glover William for this baby but now we're unsure. I really don't like that Glover is a surname with no real meaning and William is my husbands grandfathers name but we'd really like to use Parker as his middle name ( my mothers maiden name) BUT Glover Parker sounds awful... We don't like the double "ER" ending.... Please help me!!!
    Here is a list of names that we've made, my fave being, Ingram Parker Luck, but my husband hates it. I also love Truman Parker Luck. My husband doesn't really care for that either. He likes, Grady, Glover, Nolan, Ryker....

    What do you think of the names we have on this list??? And any other suggestions are more than welcome!

    Amias- loved
    Rockwell- rock spring
    Corbett- raven
    Truman- loyal one
    Ozias- salvation
    Ingram- Raven
    Laszlo- glorious ruler
    Lonan- black bird
    Arliss- pledge
    Grady- noble
    Hollis- beyond the holly bushes
    Arlo- bare-berry tree
    Rocco- crow
    Obadiah- servant of god
    Nolan- champion
    Hodge, hodges, hodgeson- roger, son of roger

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    javad Guest
    Great list! Orson Chandler is a great name, by the way (and as a second by the way, your LN and my LN are almost the same).

    Glover- It'd definitely need to grow on me. I like Grover, but Glover I don't like as much.
    Ingram- Is an interesting choice. New to me. I like it in theory, but it feels a little too similar to Ingrid (sp?) for my taste. Gives it a bit of a feminine feel.
    Truman- Is a cool name, definitely has grown on me. But if your husband doesn't like it, sounds unlikely.
    Amias- GREAT NAME!!! One of my own top 4. I don't understand why almost noone uses it. It's got an excellent meaning, feels ancient, but just as usable as lots of other common-ish names in use nowadays (Elias, for example). This is the epitome of an underused gem.
    Rockwell- Not a fan.
    Corbett- I think I like Corbin/Corwin better. It's okay though.
    Ozias- I quite like Ozias and Osias (I think I prefer Osias though). Though, you'd be setting yourself for an 'O' name theme, if that bothers you.
    Benedict- I don't like it.
    Laszlo- I like it, not as much as some of the others, but I do like it.
    Lonan- I thought about this one for awhile too, but I feel like it's too similar to the very common Logan, almost gives it a feel of just a modified Logan.
    Arliss- I like it. I prefer Arlo, but this is nice.
    Grady- Not such a fan.
    Hollis- I like it, though I like Arliss better.
    Arlo- I like it a lot. Feels friendly and down-to-earth.
    Rocco- I don't like it much, though I do like Roscoe.
    Wilder- Not a fan.
    Obadiah- It's okay, I definitely prefer Ozias/Osias though.
    Nolan- I like this name a lot a lot. There's not a lot of top 100 names I'd consider using myself, this is very possibly the only one.
    Hodge, etc- Not a fan. I like Hodge the best of the three you mentioned, but I don't like any of them much.

    My favs: Amias, Nolan, Ozias, Arlo.

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    Thank you!

    Thank you so much for your quick response! First thing I did when I woke up was log into nameberry. I really like your feedback on my list. My husband doesn't like Ingram for the exact reason so that lends a little credit to his dislike for me Ingram and Corbett are on the list because we've been looking for bird names for this baby. They both mean raven. Ravens are very popular in the city we live in and we'll be moving across the country when the baby is two months old. Hodge is on the list because my father's name is roger and that is the meaning of hodge. I love Ozias but we are not fond of an O theme. My husband has suggested using Parker as his first name.... To me that's too common, we've also been toying with Ben Parker Luck which is my grandfathers name, but I never thought I'd have a Ben either.

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    I like the nature-related names for you, given the reasons behind your selection of Orson's name. My favorite would be Wilder, but not if you're sure you want to use Parker as the middle.

    Do you like the name Holt? It means "son of the untamed forests" which fits well, and Holt Luck has a Wild-west ruggedness to it.

    I like Corbett, Arlo, Rocco and Lonan (never heard this name before) from your list due to the nature connections.


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    My favorites with Orson Chandler, and middle name Parker, are Ingram and Hodge
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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