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Thread: Dahlia?

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    I consider this name to be a beautiful underused flower name. One of my favorite flower names actually. The pronunciation issues bug me a little. I have always pronounced it DA-lee-uh, but I also like the DAL-ya pronunciation. The association with the murder is a drawback for me. I always hymn and haw about putting it on my list, but never actually do.
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    I love Dahlia, it's very vintage.

    I have always preferred the British pronunciation day-lee-uh to the American dahl-yuh.
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    I'm obviously a fan

    I had always liked it, even with the homicide affiliation. I actually met my SO at a costume party where I was dressed up as the Black Dahlia!

    I picked it because of the fact that it is the national flower of Mexico, so it tied in with one side of my heritage, and upon telling the family our choice, came to realize it also happens to be a very popular name in Israel and has a whole different meaning over there (my SO is Jewish). So it was a winner on both sides. I love finding out new stuf about the names I love!
    I would use it as a first any day. We just felt that Teagan was a better sibset with our other daughter's name.

    I think other nature pairings would work well with Dahlia. Especially under the radar ones.


    I think it's a great nature name without feeling too whimsical or hippy-ish.
    They are stunning flowers by the way. So many color variations!
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    I really like Dahlia. It looks gorgeous written down and sounds gorgeous whether it's day-lee-uh or dah-lee-uh (although I slightly prefer the American pronunciation.) I think it has an air of coolness with some spunk thrown in.
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