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    Crossing between Olde World and New


    My husband is German and I am American. Although we are based in the U.S., we spend a good amount of time in Germany for work and family and our children are being raised bilingually. So...we need a name that transitions well between Germany and the U.S for our baby boy. We have a two year old daughter named Rosalyn, which is a combination of her grandmothers' names, Rosemarie and Lynda.

    We are also thinking about using family names for baby boy: Hans Angelo Schmidt

    What do you think? Hubbie LOVES it and doesn't understand my hesitation about raising a child in the U.S. called Hans. Is it too Olde World? Honest, first impression opinions please!

    Angelo comes from my (Italian) grandfather and is non-negotiable.

    Thank you! Danke! Grazie!

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