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    I like Owen, and it goes with Ava very well. That'd be a great choice. The other four names I don't like much (Gavin would be my second favorite (quite far behind Owen), but I don't think it works well with Ava at all)
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    They are all nice names, but I like Owen best with Ava

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    Landon is my favorite from the group. It sounds strong but handsome. I also think it goes well with Ava.

    I really like the name Easton, however it sounds a little off with Ava. What about West or Weston?

    I'd be interested to know what you love about the names you listed. That may help us make more suggestions.
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    I definitely like Owen best. I feel like it's the least trendy and most timeless, though it still works seamlessly with 'contemporary' choices (like if you're running in a circle of Jaydens and Haylees) and older choices (like Charles, Felix or Adelaide). I think it's great with Ava; Owen and Ava are so timeless together!
    The other names on your list really pull things to the trendier side.
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