View Poll Results: Ruby, Isadora, Glory or India?

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  • Ruby Rose Turner

    28 32.94%
  • Isadora True Turner

    22 25.88%
  • Glory Rae Turner

    5 5.88%
  • India Eve Turner

    30 35.29%
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    Isadora True is pretty so it gets my vote. I like Ruby too but with Rose it's too descriptive (an extra red rose). Ruby Isadora would be a lovely combo. Glory Rae and India Eve don't appeal to me.
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    I love the name Ruby Rose, but it kind of sounds like one of those southern names (Maisie Belle, Jessie Rae). I voted for it anyways, but Rose Ruby would sounds better to me.

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    As an American living in Asia (not India, but near), I honestly think you really shouldn't name your kid India if you have no legitimate connection to the place. If you're considering it, PLEASE do read the thread on the name India that someone above linked to. Do you really want to have your kid's name connected to colonialism and imperialism? I do know a girl named India, and I'm sure her parents were thinking it was just a pretty, nicely exotic-sounding name...but if you are Caucasian, I really think it's misguided to use it. And may just be awkward someday.

    (Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I actually think the above, less strongly, about most place-name names. Don't use them unless you have a legitimate connection to the place.)

    That aside, the poll was closed already, but I like Isadora True. Or Isadora with any of your other middle names.

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    Isadora gets my vote as the current combos stand, but Ruby would steal the lead if it wasn't combined with Rose. I don't care for India as a name if there isn't a strong tie to the land (but it is a pretty sound). Glory on its own doesn't sound like a human name, but if short for Gloria it's better.

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