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    Wink Our final choices for boy and girl:what do you think?

    Since after 20 weeks ultrasound we found out we will be welcoming a little lady, we have been thinking mostly girl names. But one of my friend's friends had a girl instead of expected boy recently so we decided to finish it up with boy names too.
    These are the names(keep in mind my brain hasn't been in use since like 35 weeks so please feel free to criticize it if you like to):
    Stellan August Isidore "Stellan"
    Edmund Hugo Illarion "Ed"
    Isidore Caius Leopold "Dore"
    Rodion Severian/William/Wilhelm Hopper "Rodion"

    Cordelia Hester/Esther Primrose "Cora"
    Hermione Agatha Jane/Beatrice
    Albina Gwenore/Fable/Honor Rosalie

    What are your thoughts? We have one more week to decide.

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    I love Edmund, I prefer Severin/Severus or Wilhelm for a middle.
    And for girls I've been obsessing over Cordelia, so I'll cast my vote for that!
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    My brain still isn't back to functioning, Vics, get used to it One more week, exciting!!! This will be one well named babe!

    Stellan August Isidore "Stellan" - I think this strikes the perfect balance. The two first sound super Swedish, but put in Isidore and it's much more quirky.
    Edmund Hugo Illarion "Ed" - I am going to make a switch here if you don't mind: Edmund Hugo Isidore.
    Isidore Caius Leopold "Dore" - I think this might be over the top. I know I have no right to say that, but compared to your other choices this is very... it's a lot of name. Which I personally love, but all your other choices have something less flamboyant in them. And this is flamboyant delux (easily my personal favourite on your list, but I love flamboyant!)! How would you feel about Isidore Caius Wilhelm, Isidore Leopold August, Isidore Edmund Caius? I just think they fit in better with your overall style. But a lovely name if you choose to go with it.
    Rodion Severian/William/Wilhelm Hopper "Rodion" - Rodion Wilhelm Hopper sounds like a cool dude. I like this one very very much.

    Cordelia Hester/Esther Primrose "Cora" - Cordelia Hester Primrose. Beautiful, sweet and I adore Hester in the middle.
    Hermione Agatha Jane/Beatrice - Hermione Agatha Jane. Absolutely lovely.
    Albina Gwenore/Fable/Honor Rosalie - Oooh, Albina! I need to gush over the fairy goddess for a second. Love to see this one used by someone, I love the Etruscan folklore and dawn-goddesses are a favourite of mine. Love it! Albina Gwenore Rosalie. A stunning name!

    If I've got to pick one: Albina Gwenore Rosalie from the girls. So beautiful. From the boys it's more difficult. As I said, the Isidore one is my personal favourite. But I think Stellan August Isidore might be better for you.
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    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Edmund Hugo Illarion and Cordelia Esther Primrose are my favourites.
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