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    Hi all, I love the nickname Dex at the mo, I think it's really cute & spunky.

    Not a huge fan of Dexter though!

    I was thinking Declan nn. Dex? Middle name would likely be David. Do you think the double D is a bit much?

    Other names I like are Saul, Austin & Kyran.

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    Dex as a nickname for Declan is nice, but Declan David is a bit much, just because the length and syllable stress etc. is exactly the same. Maybe Declan Dafydd (dav-EETH, as far as I know, but I may be wrong) might suit you better?

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    I think Dex is a great nn for Declan, and I also like Declan David. As long as your last name doesn't start with D, I like this alliteration!

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    I think it works, but I am a firm believer in naming a child what he will be called. Dax is a legitimate name on it's own, so why not Dex? Declan David is fabulous as well!

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