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Thread: Dorian

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    (Not expecting, just collecting)

    I have been thinking about this name lately. I had begun to suggest it for others, but I quite like it myself!

    What do you think of the name Dorian? Is it too connected with the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray?

    How do you think Dorian might fit in with hypothetical siblings Hugo and August or Cordelia and Penelope? Would having a sibling named Theodore be a no-no?

    Feel free to suggest middle name combos or other names that have a similar feel to Dorian if you don't like the name itself.

    - Not Expecting, Just Collecting -
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    Dorian & Theodore wouldn't work for me. I prefer Theodore because it feels more like a blank slate cause the novel association is strong for me.

    I love Dorie as a potential nickname.

    For me Dorian & Cordelia feel a little samey too.

    Dorian works well with this sibset list. They're all solid names with history & a little bit of dramatic flare but not at all ott. Very wearable but strongly unique.

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    javad Guest
    I like Dorian, and think it goes well with your hypothetical sibset. But yeah, maybe not with Theodore.

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    Yes to Dorian. I know one. He's a dashing redheaded French sculptor.
    I like it with Hugo, and maybe Penelope... From your signature, Eloise would be a natural match.

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    I would swoon if I met a Dorian. Seriously. It's such a dashing, underused name. Dorian, Hugo, and August would be perfect as brothers. The only names in your signature that I don't like with Dorian are Theodore, Ciaran, Rowan, and Truman.

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